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Romeo and Juliet get married by Friar with Benvolio and Rosaline as witnesses.

After the wedding Romeo and Juliet agree to tell their parents. The Friar tells a little boy to report to someone that "it's done."

Prince Escalus rides on horseback to the castle. He goes inside to visit his father who is bedridden and dying. His sister Isabella is there as well. The dad tells Escalus he must put Verona first because if either house gains the upper hand it will destroy their house. Prince Escalus is now the ruler on Verona.

Lord Montague cofronts Benvolio about his breaking off his engagement to another family. He suggests to Benvolio that if he had any sense, he'd take advantage of Escalus being on the throne.

Lord and Lady Capulet are arguing about Rosaline and Livia. Livia wants to go to the Prince's ball to find a husband. Roasline talks about being independent. She says she doesn't need a man to make her happy. They are summoned to Lord Capulet's chambers where they learn they will be able to attend the ball. 

Juliet comes in. She's tells her parents she's tired and won't be going to the ball. Romeo visits her room.

Lord Montague and Lord Capulet confront each other at the ball. Isabella tells Escalus she's concerned about the war between the two families and reminds him about the proclamation his father made to put to death anyone who kills another.

Livia is excited about being at the ball. Rosaline is still being a bore. 

Romeo and Benvolio are walking in the streets and come upon Tybalt. Tybalt wants to fight but Romeo doesn't want to. Mercutio fights instead and is killed by Tybalt and Romeo kills Tybalt.

Lord Capulet is talking with Count Paris about marrying Juliet. Lord and Lady Capulet tell Juliet the news. She is not happy. Lord Capulet shares the news about Romeo killing a Capulet and that he will be put to death for killing Tybalt. the crown is chasing Romeo. Meanwhile Escalus doesn't want to execute Romeo though Isabella argues the point.

Juliet whines to Rosaline about what's going on with Romeo. Rosaline wants her to marry Paris and tries talk her through the situation. She suggests they go to Friar to help them with the situation.

Friar gives her a potion that will put her in a sleep that will make it appear that she's dead. Juliet takes the potion in front of Rosaline and removes the poison ad calls for help after Juliet "dies". 

Friar is looking for Romeo and asks Benvolio about it. 

Juliet is laid out in the family's crypt. Count Paris visits her when Romeo comes in and tells Paris she is his wife. They fight and Romeo stabs Paris. Romeo drinks poison and dies alongside Juliet. Juliet walks up and sees Romeo dead. She drinks from the vial of poison and she dies as well. Rosaline comes in to find them both dead. She runs out. Count Paris wakes up.

Rosaline is helping Lady Capulet getting ready for the funeral. They have a confrontation about Lady Capulet not marrying the brother she loved and Rosaline's mother marrying him instead. Capulet threatens Rosaline.

Montague is quite upset about Romeo's death. He knew about Romeo and Juliet's marriage and had told Friar to marry them. Montague is upset with Friar for giving Juliet the potion and blames him for Romeo's death.

Prince Escalus talks at Romeo and Juliet's funeral. He tells the crowd that Montague has commissioned a statue of Juliet to bring peace to the two families but when the statue is unveiled it has been desecrated with "Harlot". This causes the Capulets to raise their swords and a fight erupts between the two families.

Livia and Rosaline get separated. Rosaline runs away from the chaos. Escalus chases after Rosaline to save her. She wants to go after her sister but he wants to keep her with him. There is history between the two.

Isabelle and Escalus talk about the fighting and Escalus describes the threats from outside the city. Escalus declares that he will find a way to bring peace to the city.

Rosaline tells Livia about Romeo and Juliet's marriage. She wants to leave the city. Livia is upset and doesn't want to leave. there's a knock on the door. It's the nurse with a message from the palace. Rosaline has been summoned to the palace and she goes by carriage but riots are still happneing in the streets and her carriage is overcome. She gets help from a guy but he attacks her but Benvolio saves her. They have an argument before Rosaline leaves.

Livia follows Lady Capulet to a secret hallway and finds them treating Count Paris. She tells them she can help keep him alive. Capulet agrees as long as she doesn't say anything to anyone.

Rosaline is at teh palace. Benvolio is there as well. Lord Capulet is there as well as Lord Montague. Escalus demads that Rosaline and Benvolio to marry to bring peace to the city. Neither Benvolio or Rosaline agree to marry each other. Rosaline leaves and there are flashbacks about her former romance with Escalus. 

Escalus chases after Rosaline while the flashbacks are going on. He finds her and explains to her what is going on outside Verona and that the city can't be divided. She thinks he's trying to sell her off. He tries to convince her this is the right thing to do.

She brings up about his leaving without saying goodbye. He says he'll give her anything in the world to make her happy. They kiss. Benvolio sees what's going on.



Still Star-Crossed
Episode Number:
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Still Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Benvolio: And just like that you've ruined your life.
Romeo: How? Because I married the woman I love instead of one my father would force on me.

Rosaline: This is madness, Friar. I know not why you perform a wedding between a Capulet and Montague.
Juliet: Rosaline!
Friar Lawrence: Because I have performed far too many funerals with both your families this summer and who's to say that love won't succeed where violence has failed?