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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 3, Kirsten is stitched into the mind of a young newlywed named Lily who was murdered on the Santa Monica Pier and her husband is the number one suspect. When Kirsten is first put into Lily's memories, they are all jumbled, but she's able to get a better sense of her husband, Scott, and she immediately knows Scott didn't kill Lily. 

Kirsten tries to convince Detective Fisher to question Scott about the person things she saw in Lily's memories, but he isn't able to do it because there is no explanation for why he would have this information. Kirsten takes it upon herself to go into the interrogation room and talk to Scott, but he starts to get freaked out by the information Kirsten has and immediately asks for lawyer. 

Kirsten goes back to the lab and is put into Lily's memories once more and this time they are able to fix them to where they are no longer jumbled. In the clearer memories she is able to see Scott for who he is, a loving husband who was always doting on Lily. She also sees a memory of Lily and Scott on the pier and Kirsten sees the man who drove them to the pier on the phone and Lily seems suspicious of him. Kirsten is convinced it's the driver who killed Lily and her and Cameron go to investigate. Kirsten is proven right when she realizes it's not only the driver involved, but is actually a ring with the man who steals the jewelry and the receptionist at the hotel who targets wealthy guests. 

Meanwhile, Kirsten questions Maggie about what she knows about her mother after she finds a photo of her mom and Ed together when the words, remember, written on the back. Maggie claims she doesn't know what she's talking about, but Kirsten doesn't believe her. By the end of the episode, Maggie receives an envelop with the other half of the photo Kirsten found and it shows Maggie was much closer to Ed then what she was letting on. 

In a shocking twist, Marta wakes up from her coma at the end of the episode.

Remember you can watch Stitchers online anytime via TV Fanatic and try to come up with your own theories about what Maggie is hiding from Kirsten.

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Cameron: You really gotta learn how to speak to women.
Linus: What? I speak to a woman every night.
Cameron: Yeah, your mother.
Linus: What's your point?

[talking to Maggie] Gosh! Some days you are just dripping with information and then other days, you don't know anything.