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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 4, a neighbor, Robbie, in Cameron's apartment complex is killed and Detective Fisher thinks it may have been Cameron who was the initial target. Kirsten convinces the team to stitch her into Robbie's memories so she can see what really happened, but unfortunately the killer shot Robbie in the back of the head and Robbie wasn't able to get a clear picture of his face before the gun went off. As they dig into Robbie's life, they find out he was watching the neighbors which could have led to his death.

Kirsten is taken out of Robbie's memories and they decide to have a little stake-out at Cameron's apartment to figure out who Robbie was spying on. Throughout the first night, the team isn't able to find a lead on who killed Robbie, but the time together in the apartment causes Cameron to open up to Kirsten about Marta. He tells her the reason he is so concerned about her is because of what happened to Marta and he shows her the video of what happened right before she fell into a coma -- she was in the memory for too long and when Cameron had to force bounce her out, she fell into a coma and Cameron still carries around that guilt. Kirsten convinces him he needs to let go of the guilt and know that what happened wasn't his fault. 

Meanwhile, Kirsten is stitched back into Robbie's memories and she sees the person who killed Robbie. It turns out Robbie was actually a good Samaritan and the people he was spying on, he was helping out. He just managed to spy on the wrong person who was a part of a human trafficking ring and he killed Robbie to keep his mouth shut. 

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Did you hear the shooter say anything? Like [in a deep voice] these bullets are meant for you Cameron?


Kirsten: [answering her cellphone] What?!
Cameron: So that's how you answer the phone? Where's my cheery hello?
Kirsten: I don't do cheery.