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Camille teases Kirsten about doing the walk of shame when she returns home after spending the night at Kirsten's. Kirsten insists their evening was PG. She has faith in Cameron's willpower. Meanwhile, Cameron is begging Linus to create an oxytocin filter. Linus is more concerned with his friend's yips when it comes to stitching. Cameron is fine with letting Camille pilot the stitches. This works in Kirsten's favor. She wants Camille to help her mind map faster. Since it's dangerous, Cameron has been overly cautious.

A John Doe is brought into the stitch lab. He was shot, thrown off a building, and he's had his index finger shot off. As the stitch begins, Kirsten finds herself in a room with random objects including a cow, four soldiers, a gold snake, a swan, and a sword. Cameron wants them to move away, but Camille stalls. He's not happy. Kirsten makes the bounce and Cameron's furious with them for going behind his back. He also recognizes the reason the victim's mind is so confusing: he's created a mind palace.

Kirsten and Cameron argue. He wants her to trust him. She wants him to stop being so worried all the time. They agree to work on it. They reach out to MI6, but the agent will not confirm their victim worked for the organization. At least not before Kirsten and Cameron do him a favor and get another agent, Chloe, out of jail. Fisher calls in a favor with his ex-wife. She doesn't like the secrecy, but she does it for him. Later she tells him she may have a job opportunity with the DOJ.

Camille and Linus make progress in their strained relationship and agree to a double date with Amanda and Ivy. Once everyone arrives at the house for dinner, Linus warns Amanda against hurting Camille, and Camille does the same with Ivy. Neither lady is happy about the threats.

Kirsten and Cameron bring Chloe back to his place. They learn the victim is John Harrington, an MI6 agent, who had been searching for his kidnapped wife. Chloe shows up again, this time with a black eye, and Kirsten and Cameron go after Agent Abbott. They find him shot and he nearly kills them. Linus creates a codex for the mind palace so the team goes back to work while Chloe and Amanda wait at the house.

Once inside, Kirsten finds herself at John's wedding. Abbott was there, too. She realizes he was having an affair with the bride. Kirsten finally sees her face: it's Chloe. Camille rushes to the house to save Amanda. She and Chloe fight, and Amanda helps knock out Chloe. Later, Camille tells Amanda how much she means to her.

Back at the lab, Cameron tells Kirsten about the secret cabinet in Maggie's office. They believe if they can figure out where the cases are coming from, they'll be able to find a way to pick cases that will help them save Kirsten's mother. 

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Camille: Okay, so just to be clear. You want me to go behind the back of, and flip a hardy bird to, my employer the National Security Agency?
Kirsten: Absolutely.
Camille: It's about damn time.

Linus: Can we talk about your yips for a moment?
Cameron: No.
Linus: I get it! You're freaked out about Kirsten.
Cameron: Not talking about it.
Linus: And you're afraid of her getting hurt and that fear has manifested itself into yips.
Cameron: Still not talking about it.
Linus: I'm just saying I agree with you. You should let Camille pilot the stitches for a while.