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We quickly meet all the Stylista contestants. Viewers are also introduced to Brett Ramey (ELLE photo director) and Malina Joseph (ELLE fashion bookings editor). These two present the cast with their first assistant task:

Fetch coffee and a healthy breakfast for Anne Slowey. This must be exactly what the aspiring editors signed on for. They have 40 minutes to buy the food at a deli and present it... artfully. We immediately learn valuable lessons from Slowey:

  • Coffee should be iced;
  • Almonds should be soaked overnight;
  • Melons are never to be mixed with other fruit.

After Anne chooses Ashlie's breakfast, the contestants receive an editorial challenge: update their personal looks. Quickly!

They go to H&M for a shopping spree in three teams, which Ashlie chooses. At H&M, the squads each have 45 minutes and a $1,500 clothing allowance. Not shabby! After spending the show's money, the teams put together three outfits each for a fashion show in front of Slowey and other ELLE staffers.

Team Underdog is comprised of Kate, Devin, Jason, and William. This group puts on a "classic chic" show, as Devin attempts to make their contributor page layout yellow and trendy. Needless to say, Slowey isn't a fan. Joe Zee, meanwhile, points out that it has a high school yearbook look to it.

Team Rockstar is comprised of Ashlie, Cologne, Dyshaun, and Johanna. They go with a "spring trends" show - and it actually looks kinda awesome. The team focuses on the layout for their contributor page, trying to make it as professional as possible. It all goes over well, though the judges think some of the outfits wouldn't be appropriate for work.

Team Megan Sucks is comprised of Megan, Danielle, and Arnaldo. Danielle takes charge on their layout for their page; Slowey loves the layout, and also gives Megan props on her outfit. The judges think Arnaldo is both boring and gimmicky... which seems like a contradiction.

But it's enough to make Arnaldo the first contestant eliminated from Stylista.

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