It's down to DyShaun, Megan and Johanna on the season finale of Stylista.

The first task for these finalists is to interview with Elle editor-in-chief, Roberta Myers. While Johanna and DyShaun come across well, Megan acts too confidently. In a discussion with Anne and Joe, Myers says she was shocked that Megan had no questions for her. Does that mean Megan thinks she already has everything all figured out?

As a result, Megan is actually eliminated early on. We're down to two contestants.

And here's the final challenge for DyShaun and Johanna: design an Elle cover. They will each use singer Eve as their model and will be responsible for every aspect of the cover shoot (as well as for a page inside this fictional issue of Elle).

Such a challenge cannot be completed alone, of course, so the show gives DyShaun and Johanna assistants: recently-eliminated competitors! Say hello to Danielle and Ashlie (who are assigned to DyShaun), and Kate and Megan (who are assigned to Johanna).

There's immediate drama, as Megan can't handle having to go from finalist to assistant so quickly; she also takes issue with Kate. Consequently, Megan actually goes to produces and threatens to walk away. She just can't handle it anymore. Though Megan eventually stays and claims it's to help Johanna, she seems to take pleasure in NOT actually assisting Johanna with the task.

Meanwhile, DyShaun is using the advice of Danielle and Ashlie to select a number of outfits for Eve. His shoot doesn't go too smoothly, however, as the singer doesn't love her clothing; she complains a lot during the photo shoot.

Up next, Johanna puts Eve in a couple of purple outfits because she believes these are the most trendy. She also eschews any advice from Megan and Kate because she wants to win this challenge entirely on her own; it's a belief and a strategy that Anne and Joe would later praise.

Johanna's photo shoot goes more smoothly than that of DyShaun and her cover is hailed as a winner by Anne and Joe. When these two go off to decide the champion, they say that DyShaun has a great eye for fashion and a contagious enthusiasm, but he often misses key details.

Johanna? She's grown a great deal during the challenge; she's a bit insecure, but she's also passionate about fashion and her confidence is growing. As a result, JOHNNA IS CHOSEN AS THE WINNER OF STYLISTA.

She cries, showing real emotion for fulfilling such a dream. The episode ends with Johanna in her new office and the Elle cover she designed plastered on the wall.

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