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Faye tells Donna that she will lose her vote as a result of her relationship with Harvey. 

Donna bites back, wondering what she can do to make some changes in the firm to win fervor. 

However, she lies to Harvey that her dad is not happy about their relationship. 

Harvey retaliates by trying to help her father with a case. In doing so, however, he causes more problems. 

Donna later admits the truth about Faye, and Harvey goes bananas. 

He, Louis, Alex, and Samantha team up to march into Faye's office to her that they are a family and they will not be cutting off Donna's vote. 

When Faye presses them, they say they will all be quitting if she continues her antics. 

Faye gives up in the end, and tells Louis he can have Gretchen back. 

Alex is being pursued for the prison incident eight years ago. With that, he is forced to offer someone a deal. 

Samantha steps in because she is mad about it and saves Alex. 

In the end, Samantha admits that she wanted to preserve his family as it is something she would love to have and cannot. 

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Suits Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Donna: What, exactly are you trying to tell me?
Faye: That you have to give up your vote.

Donna: Don't take this away from me.
Faye: Make a decision by tomorrow, or I'll make one for you.