On Suits Season 5 Episode 1, Harvey and Mike adjust to life without Donna, but Louis is skeptical that she'll won't run back to Harvey eventually.

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When you Watch Suits Season 5 Episode 1, you'll see Harvey begin to have panic attacks at the thought of losing Donna for good. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel hold off on sharing news of their engagement when they realize what's happening at the office.

Episode Details

On Suits Season 5 Episode 1, Harvey and Donna both have trouble adjusting to her new role as Louis assistant, while Rachel and Mike decide on the best way to share their happy news with their friends.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (55 Votes)
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Suits Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Donna: This isn't how two adults who care about each other move on.
Harvey: As far as I'm concerned, two adults who care about each other don't move on at all.

Mike: What about the bubble? There's no Donna in the bubble.
Rachel: Come on, there's room for Donna in the bubble.
Mike: You realize I get to sleep with whoever's in the bubble, right?
Rachel: So long as you realize that my dad's in the bubble.
Mike: Donna it is.