Kelly and Alex Get Married - Supergirl
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Lena sits by Lillian's deathbed. Lillian said she tried to save Lex and apologized to Lena, saying she knew about Lena's magical powers and stifled them.

Kara returns, and she wants to empower others to be their own heroes. Brainy uses the legion crown to deliver Kara's message, and Lena does a spell to lower everyone's defenses.

Kara conveys that Lex and Nyxly are trying to take away humanity, truth, and hope and how they all need to work together. The news reports humanity has regained power.

Lex and Nyxly called the 5th dimension gladiators in for backup. There is a major fight scene in the streets. Mon-el, Winn, and James arrive to assist. Lex tries to release the phantoms, but when the town comes to back up Supergirl, the phantoms attack Lex and chase him and Nyxly out the portal.

The president is so thrilled they think the DEO should be restarted. Alex and Lena are skeptical, while Kara wants to go for it. We see a montage of all the new organizations. Nia and Brainy share an emotional goodbye.

Three weeks later, it's the night before the wedding, and Cat Grant calls Kara. She repurchased CatCo, and she wants Kara as the editor-in-chief. Kara tells Alex she's confused about who she is and leading a double life.

The wedding is gorgeous. James walks Kelly down the aisle, and J'onn walks Alex down the aisle before officiating the ceremony. He speaks about their love, and their vows are gorgeous.

Brainy surprises Nia by attending the wedding and professes his love for her.

Cat calls Kara to know if she made up her mind and reveals he knew Kara was Supergirl.

In the final scene, the group is playing games at the apartment, and Cat Grant reveals in an interview with Kara that Kara is Supergirl.




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Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

I’m done with toxic relationships. I’m with them now.


Lillian: I need to tell you that I knew. I knew what your mother was. I knew what you are.
Lena: You knew?

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