Lena: You are sick.
Lex: Exactly. I'm dying.

Kelly: I picked the safe option. This isn't supposed to happen when you pick the safe option.
Alex: Kelly, look, no one could've predicted this was gonna happen. You made the best decision that you could for your brother, and Lena's drug wasn't ready then. But it's ready now. Now, look, I know you have 1,000 reasons to not trust Lena Luthor, but I'm not asking you to trust her. I'm asking that you to trust me.
Kelly: Let's do it.

Kelly: Plus, this is the 12th time that I have visited James in the hospital.
Alex: Wow.
Kelly: You know my brother, he was running off and diving into something dangerous. It was the way he coped when things got hard at home.
Alex: If you keep running than you don't have to stop and feel how much you're hurting.

Lex and Lena Luthor, teaming up to save Superman's best pal. What would mother think?

Lex Luthor

I'm not the one who accidentally poisoned myself with Kryptonite in a quixotic attempt to kill an invincible man. And while I do find the irony that you now need the Black Kryptonite to cure yourself just delicious, you are my brother, Kex. I do want to save you. Besides, how can you pay your debt to society if you're already dead?


When I lost my Legion ring, I realized how much I depended on it for strength and confidence. I thought it's what made me a hero. But not having it these past few days, made me see it wasn't my ring that gave me strength, it was fighting alongside all of you, helping to make the Earth a better place. In times like this, change won't come from a ring or a cape, it will only come when each of us answers the call to stand up and be heard. El Mayara. Stronger together. Just because we're superheroes, doesn't mean we forget who we are.


J'onn: It's almost like a weight has been lifted. I almost feel...
Dreamer: Relieved? Sometimes we don't realize the impact people have had on us until they're gone, for good or bad.

Dreamer: Tell us or eat this.
Supergirl: Hey Dreamer, easy.
Dreamer: I thought that you said being a superhero was about showing strength.
Supergirl: Well, I mean more "hands on hips," not "screaming in face."
Dreamer: Gotcha.

James: Brainy told me. We get brunch.
Kara: Cute.
James: Yeah.

Alex: I think you're right. There's something wrong with this government.
Lena: I thought you were the government.
Alex: No, I'm your friend. And right now I have a hell of a lot more faith in you than I do in them.

You have the Elite, I have super friends.

Manchester Black: You could have just used the door.
Supergirl: And you could stop killing people.

Supergirl Quotes

Barry Allen: You can't just write yourself as a hero. It doesn't work that way.
Deegan as Dark Superman: Doesn't it, though? You were struck by lightning, I was given the book by a higher power. Both random acts of chance. This is my destiny so much more than becoming The Flash was ever yours.
Barry Allen: People don't become heroes because of circumstance. They become heroes in spite of circumstance.
Oliver Queen: You're just a cheap knockoff.

Karaoke is not for the weak. It requires either great courage or a complete lack of shame, but I like it!