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Abby can't shake the feeling that something is wrong in town, and continues to search, even after Suzie tells her about Alec. 

At the hospital, the CDC sends another team in, and Abby is immediately cast aside, forced to ask to do things. 

She speaks with Jason, who tells her that the plants are at war with the human race, causing a lot of problems. 

Abby heads out to Alec's lab to search for answers, but she finds herself fighting a reanimated version of the man who died on the previous episode. 

Swamp Thing saves her, and they have their first official meeting together, as Abby vows to save him. 

Harlan gets the disease and the new CDC doctors are given more control than Abby, but she finds a way to save all of them, and is allowed to stay on the case. 

Liz chases a lead with a banker, but the banker is murdered by Avery when a fight ensues. Avery sets his sights on Liz. 

Meanwhile, Maria cuts Avery off for good. 

Swamp Thing
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Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Man: What happened to your shoes?
Holland: Oh, that's weird. Guess I lost them somewhere.
Man: What's a pretty city boy like you doing out here anyway?
Holland: Right, I was um doing research on the swamp and then um, there was a fire.
Man: You don't even remember me, do you?
Holland: Kinda.
Man: That's right, I'm that son of a bitch you murdered.
Holland: I am so so sorry.
Man: You're fucking sorry?

Liz: I don't get it, Abby. You brought back the little girl, right? Shouldn't you be doing a victory lap?
Abby: I found something else, Liz. Someone else.
Liz: Okay.
Abby: I think Suzie Coyle was drawn to the swamp by a man. I know this sounds crazy, but there is a human being out there. His entire body was covered in plants and vines.
Liz: And this Suzie went to see him because, why?
Abby: She says she was called into the swamp to help him. That he was sick and he needed her. And she told me that this person's name was Alec.
Liz: Oh, fuck me.
Abby: Yeah.
Liz: So, what did you do?
Abby: What I was supposed to do. It was a blood bath out there. Suzie was going into shock. I ran. I fucking ran.