Waiting for Abby - Swamp Thing
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Suzie goes missing from the hospital, and Abby joins forces with an old friend to find out what happened to her. 

In doing so, she opens old wounds from the past, ones that could make her loyalty sink or swim. 

Abby turns to Avery to get access to Alec's belongings, but he says he had money in those findings and she will not be getting access. 

Abby threatens that she could get a court order, but Avery says he's doing her a favor by helping her out. 

Harlan tells her about Suzie being spotted at the swamp. 

The kids gets into a speed boat and finds herself in danger when men are arguing with the officer. 

The officer is killed, but one of the men notices Suzie and chases her to kill her. But the Swamp Monster comes to her aid because he wants her to survive her ordeal. 

The man is killed, and Suzie tells Abby that the Swamp Monster's name is Alec. 

Swamp Thing
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