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The episode opens with a drive-by shooting, three dead. A boy witnesses the killings.

Hondo shows up to the crime scene, sans SWAT, because it's his neighborhood. He's friendly with the locals.

The officer working the case, Nora, has a history with Hondo -- she's now engaged.

Hondo's old friend Leroy asks him to visit him in prison. He asks Hondo to watch out for his son Daryl, the witness.

Jess agrees to let Hondo and the team work the case "unofficially" even though it's unrelated to SWAT.

We find out that Luca's grandfather, an "original SWAT," has passed away. Many condolences are offered, and a memorial video is put in the works.

Hondo and Deacon meet up with Daryl and warn him on behalf of his father. Daryl is defensive and H & D are forced to let him go.

Hondo goes to pay his respects to the 20 Street Hammer gang, and asks them to protect Daryl, which they agree to.

Tan, Street, and Chris say a few nice words on camera for Luca's grandfather's memorial video.

Hondo and Deacon visit Tarek's shop to get info about what's been going on on the Street. T's reluctant to talk and Hondo reveals that he knows about Tarek's illegal gambling operation and effectively blackmails him into giving up info.

The man in charge of the drive-by shooting meets with another "businessman" and offers his services. It turns out the shooters are from a new group of hitmen-for-hire, calling themselves Murder, LLC.

Nora gets word that Daryl is trying to buy a gun on the street and they put Chris undercover to catch him in the buy. Hondo and Deacon take him into custody..

Luca's dad comes to see him and demands that he gather the strength to shake hands, listen to stories, film the video, and be "better" at celebrating his grandfather's life. They get in a shoving match and Luca refuses to participate in the video.

Hondo talks to Daryl about his history with Leroy and how Darrell was named. Leroy took heat that allowed Hondo to escape the streets and get the life he now has.

Daryl finally gives up information. Someone named Curtis called out the hit on the 20 Street Hammers.

Murder, LLC takes out the D.A. they were asked to kill.

Curtis is busy watching the video of the first drive-by when SWAT busts in and takes him into custody. He refers to the lead hitman as "Trick." Jessica tells Hondo about Kirshner.

Hondo goes to see Leroy in jail and asks about Trick Carter. He asks Leroy to be his ears on the inside, but Leroy is extremely against being a snitch.

Trick delivers the video of the Kirshner murder to his client, who then commissions another kill.

Street asks Chris out on a date and she refuses, asking him to back off. Tan points out everything that Chris has to deal with as a woman on the team and suggests that Street goes after Jilly, the videographer.

Hondo checks in with Luca, and Luca reveals that he wasn't speaking to his grandfather when he died because he wasn't okay with Luca being on a team with a black leader. Hondo suggests that he forgives his grandfather's life and celebrate their relationship.

Leroy calls Hondo with information about Trick, and SWAT surrounds Murder, LLC before they can finish the hit the Russian commissioned.

Trick takes out two of his guys, one runs and gets pulled into custody, and Trick dies in a subsequent shootout. Suicide by cop.

Street asks Jilly out on a date but she already has plans with Chris. Chris reveals to Street that she's bisexual.

Hondo talks to Daryl and says that he'll be able to go live with his Aunt and stay out of trouble. Daryl goes to visit his dad in jail before he leaves and the two reconnect.

At his grandfather's memoriam, Luca appears in the video and was able to appreciate the SWAT member that his grandfather was and still recognize his flaws, thanks to Hondo's advice.




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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hondo: You know everything I've done since what happened back then, was me trying to be as worthy as you thought I was. You helped make me who I am. But I made you who you are too, and I've been sorry about that ever since.
Leroy: Man, come on, get over yourself! I'd be right here even if we never met. We all got our own paths, this was mine, you just happened to jaywalk across it back then. You hear what I'm saying? This is not your fault.

Look, we're trying to celebrate a man's life here. You need to shake a few hands, smile at the stories. Say something nice for the memorial. The girl's still waiting to put you on camera. Either find the strength or fake it. But do it.

Luca's Dad [to Luca]