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Tan is driving 80 mph down the street, taking direction from a helicopter above.

It's a course for the thing that he, Street, and Chris are hoping to land. T-Light?

He passed, and everyone cheers except Chris. Deacon wonders if something's going on with her.

Darryl has a Jr. College expo today. Someone named Rhodium died. She was a 27-year-old celebrity who died from a heart defect.

Darryl wonders if Hondo feels creepy because of what everyone is saying about the police.

Leroy knocks at the door. He's been doing orientation at the halfway house. He wants to take Darryl for breakfast. Hondo is worried about the expo, and Leroy balks. It's a difficult situation.

Maybe Rhodium was a protestor. Everyone is worried how the police protecting the funeral will go over considering her stance.

Chris was impressed with Rhodium, who was a singer. She did a lot for her community, even if she did put all the names and faces of unarmed people shot by the police on screen while not doing the same for the cops who were killed in the line of duty.

The team finds something on the funeral route. It's an AR hidden in the woods. And there is a guy nearby in a truck who has a bunch of canisters in the back.

Rhodium used to get a lot of threats. Apparently, Deacon's private investigation firm wouldn't work with Rhodium in the past because of what she said about police brutality.

It gets ugly.

Street tries to talk to Tan about Chris, but there are two "blue boys" with anger issues doing something. Maybe spray painting over the mural.

Darryl and Hondo talk on the phone. They're butting heads over Leroy. 

Seems a kid was going to unroll some nasty banners to show the procession because his sister was killed in the line of duty.

But the other bad guy busts into a gamer's house. He has a gun pointed at the guy. Must want to use his house to make trouble.

Darryl lied to Hondo. He missed half the expo. Pops hopes there's a better way than making rules for Darryl about seeing his dad.

Rhodium was once on the street with her one-time boyfriend when police rolled up and shot him because he reached down to pull up his pants. Five times. He's in a vegatative state.

Deacon and Chris interrogate the guy who sold the grenade launcher. When he discovers what the guy wants to do, he immediately gives the guy's name. He won't stand for that stuff.

Mitch Anderson is the guy at the gamer's house. His dad went to jail for 30 days over something stupid, got out, had an ankle monitor for which he had to pay $1000 or risk going back to jail. He did something else stupid and cut off his ankle monitor to get their attention. He coudn't get home in time to stop them, so it seems he died by police?

And he's upset that the state is spending millions on the Rhodium funeral when they couldn't give his dad $1000 to pay for his ankel monitor, or something.

Hondo changes the procession route so it doesn't go near the crazy man.

Deacon and Tan are  nearby when the guy starts shooting grenades out onto the street. One car goes up in smoke.

They get to the gamer, but the dude has another bag full of grenades.

Mitch learned a lot from his father. He does something stupid that will get him killed by the police just like his father.

He dies in an explosion of porta potties.

Street is shooting when Chris walks in. He's going for master gunner. Does that mean he dropped away from the T-Lite competition? Nope. He's going to give it his all. He doesn't appreciate how she reacted. She says she's treating them like what they are for the moment. They're the ones she needs to beat. She can't compete one minute and pal around the next.

Hondo invites Leroy to go with them to a car show this weekend. Leroy says he sees Hondo. Hondo is just trying to join Darryl's two worlds. But Leroy doesn't like that Hondo didn't stand up for him.

But, Leroy wants Darryl on the streets and not in college. "Like you said, Hondo. I'm his father."

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S.W.A.T. Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I'll be seeing you around, Hondo.


Deacon: By the way, it's not like I was their only option.
Hondo: Deacon, just try to look at it from Jillian's perspective. Rhodium made a stand about police brutality but not all police, Deac. In her mind, if you got a problem with that, then maybe you're part of the problem.
Deacon: I'm part of the problem? It's not just that. It's this whole defund the police nonsense. It's not exactly the thanks we deserve for going out there and risking our lives everyday. And to her, it might just be something she's chanting, but a thing like that changes the way people look at us. It makes our job harder.
Hondo: And I hear you, and that is one truth. But there's also another truth, man. We got guns on our hips. We got the power to end a life. Look, maybe it doesn't hurt to have some people out there trying to hold us all accountable.
Deacon: Are you trying to calm me down or make me angrier?
Hondo: Deac, you and I both know that sometimes we get asked to take on problems where there is no one right answer. What Rhodium was talking about is maybe some things can be solved without a gun.
Deacon: I don't like the mom implying that I won't go out there and do my job tomorrow. Take a bullet just like anybody else.
Hondo: OK, then you get out there and you prove her wrong, without the taking a bullet part.