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SWAT is infiltrating what looks like a crack den kind of place. 

Nope. It's worse. There is a circle of people with bags over their heads and gunmen. It's a training.

The Commander calls Street over after they win. Molly called, and they're having dinner together tonight. Steaks.

Deacon is putting some new recruits through their paces. A guy named Durham is wearing the cap of shame to keep him humble.

Hondo visits Leroy, who is going before the board in two days for an early parole hearing. Leroy wants Hondo to speak on his behalf, but he can't do it given his position.

Chris and Ericka chat as two women in a male-dominated profession.

When Chris tells her about what she's doing to try to get ahead, I get the feeling Ericka is going to try for it.

A man smashes a car, gets out, cuffed with a plastic tie, just before a whole group of people begin shooting at him. He steals a car, the police arrive, and the shooters jump on a bus.

The bus has tinted windows, allowing for no way for SWAT to adequately assess the situation, but they need eyes on, so they pop out the windows even if they could hurt someone. It works, though, and the guys are apprehended.

There are two dead FBI agents outside of the place they're directed to, which has been shot up to hell.

Hondo and Deacon are in the command center. Shooters don't want to talk. The dead agents were some of the best. They were guarding a mobster named Rocco. 

Rocco is considered a rat, so everyone is out to get him.

Hondo consults the commander about Leroy. The Commander says it's probably due to the pandemic. The commander trusts Hondo's judgment. Whatever he wants to do, he trusts Hondo to do the right thing. But he wonders if Hondo trusts Leroy the same.

SWAT and the FBI take down the gambling joint. Tan recognizes Lulu Wan. She got permission from the mob after they started selling off some of their establishments. Rocco's brother, Tony, is working with the mob to hunt down his own brother.

Chris is number on in the competition so far, but Tan and Street also sign up. Even with seniority, it doesn't give Chris good feelings.

Rocco's ex is a nurse, who still loves him and wants to save him.

Commander wants to grab the dying mob family by the root and put an end to them.

Darryl calls Hondo, worried that he's going to speak on his dad's behalf. Darryl is excited, but nervous. He hasn't seen his dad in the real work since he was a little kid. He spent half of his life trying to be like him and the last few years trying not to be. He doesn't want anything with Hondo to change, and Hondo promises him that it won't.

But Hondo still hasn't made his decision to speak.

Chris is really disappointed with Tan and Street. She doesn't enjoy competing against her teammates. She's disappointed, but she doesn't want them to drop out, either.

Tony is having a hard time following orders when those orders include killing his own brother. 

Tony doesn't appear to have the stomach for the job. When a man who runs a winery is on the chopping block, the mobster asks him to shoot him in the face. Tony balks.

Hilariously, instead of shooting the guy himself, he pulls Tony and puts the gun to HIS head.

Tony makes a break for it when they get close to the tunnels. But when he runs into SWAT, he doesn't show hs hands like he should. But Hondo knows it's Tony and calls out to him. There is still a way out.

But Venudi has a gun to his head, so Tony, with tears in his eyes, lashes out at his brother as a rat.

Chris hates the idea of losing to Tan or Street because they have people, and she has nothing. But Ericka sets her straight. Chris doesn't need anyone to pull this out.

Venudi is robbing a house during a party and decides to drown Tony since he's related to a rat.



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S.W.A.T. Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Tan's got fans. Must be nice.


Organized crime. What a thankless beat. Surveillance, informants, auditing, death by paperwork. You never really get a win.