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The episode starts with a bang, literally. A jogger hears a child screaming and two gunshots. The team arrives on the scene and finds two girls, the younger being badly bruised.

The older girl has a gun, but Hondo quickly convinces her to place the gun down. The team takes a man (Ramiro) into custody who seemingly is the abuser.

During questioning, they find out that this man's gun had been used for murder the previous day of a woman. The woman is an American reporter, Angela, and they need to find out why she was killed.

Hondo learns that his dad has been going back on his commitments, which causes him to be concerned. His sister, Winnie, does not have confidence in their father.

An active shooter in Little Guatemala is reported, and the target is one of the men working on a story with the reporter. One of the store clerks where the shooting happened was shot, but luckily, it was only in the leg. They managed to save this target, and later while interviewing him learn more details about what is going on.

The targets are four Guatemalan men who tried to send recorded footage of the Guatemalan military using excessive force. Trying to go to the media got one of their brothers killed, so they went to L.A. to try and get it to media in the states.

They continue the investigation to try and prevent the other men from being killed.

Street and Chris have a heartfelt moment about street's mom and his motivation to help the two girls from earlier in the episode. 

The team gets Angela's colleague, Garrett, who does not keep track of what Angela was writing. He provides her records and expense reports that he has access to. He also included that he knows about an aid package that will help Guatemala that could be damaged if the video gets out.

Hondo gets a call from Darryl, and he tells Hondo that his dad and his sister are fighting. Hondo then talks to Winnie over the phone about how neither of them knows what to do. Hondo is lost and doesn't know what to do, as he is still at work.

Street continues to work on finding the two girls' mother. He has very limited information to work with, sadly.

Chris and Deacon find two of the activists and learn that the third one is looking for revenge on the person who betrayed Angela - Garrett himself. The team determines that he must have gone to the Guatemalan Government, which has caused this domino effect of events.

Mr. Garret is trying to find a way to leave the country. Carlos, the last activist, finds Garrett before the team does. He has him at gunpoint when the team shows up, and Hondo tries to talk him down. 

Suddenly, a black vehicle with armed combatants arrives and starts shooting at everyone, including the team. Carlos is still desperate to kill Garrett, but Deacon stops him from grabbing the gun. Hondo makes a brilliant scoped shot and gets one of the suspects in custody.

Street located the mother, and there's a heartwarming scene seeing the girls talking to their mother. Hicks is proud of Street in this situation. The mother, Anna, is going to be on the next flight to L.A.

Street picks up his phone and calls the hospital to check in on his mom. Hondo arrives home to find his father sitting in his living room. Hondo is very angry at his father and starts berating him for wanting to run off again.

His father reveals that he is in pain, and that the radiation may have failed, and that his cancer might back. He admits that he is scared to call the doctors for the test results.

Hondo convinces his dad that he is here for him no matter what. His father calls the doctors, and the scene fades.

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S.W.A.T. Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Luca: Well, LA's got the largest Guatemalan community in the U.S. That means lots of political enemies to squeeze, undocumented workers to extort.
Hicks: But if your M.O. is to target your own people, why the hell would you kill an American Reporter?

Chris: Who's in the hospital? I saw someone trying to call your phone.
Street: I told you that it's nothing.
Chirs: If it's nothing, then answer me.
Street: My mom has been sick for a while, apparently. Um, they transferred her from the prison infirmary to Pleasant Green Hospital.
Chris: I'm really sorry to hear that. You talk to her, see her?
Street: No. I told you, I'm done trying to save her.