Thwarting an Attack - S.W.A.T.
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  • After admitting their feelings to each other, Street and Chris wake up after an eventful night. Chris wants to keep things between them for now, until after her last day on S.W.A.T.
  • Chris tries to leave before Luca comes home but unfortunately, Luca manages to come home before Chris leaves and he is as happy as ever.
  • A chemistry exam is about to happen, but someone named Joseph comes in with a gun and writes a formula on the board, telling the students to get to work.
  • Hondo's house is getting ready for some change as Nichelle prepares to move in and Daniel Sr. prepares to move out.
  • Nichelle tells Hondo she's taking some kids to the Queen Mary on a field trip.
  • Daniel Sr. opens a box she thought was his but it was Nichelle's and she tells him to not tell Hondo.
  • Deacon tells Chris how lucky the women at the safe house are to have her and that 20-Squad won't be the same without her. Chris gives him a going away gift, Saint Jude Thaddeus.
  • 20-Squad roll up to the university, and when they're outside the door, they smell gas. The students are unconscious, and the professor turn out to be okay the professor tells them about his postgrad student Joseph, who made the students make difluoro, and it's deadly. What he took could kill thousands.
  • After 60-Squad checked out Joseph's apartment, they found his roommate dead.
  • Joseph was recently dropped from the program, and he never used to act out until about six months ago, according to Professor Winter.
  • The team find out a single drop of the nerve agent could be deadly.
  • Street and Tan go to the hospital and find out that there's a descrepency of alcohol storage.
  • Hondo and Chris find Joseph, and Street and Tan find out Joseph's missing roommate, Mark is part of it. He answers the door at Joseph's place and Mark starts seizing. A van gets away.
  • There are at least six devices out for the nerve agent.
  • Street and Chris have a moment before Tan ruins it.
  • Chris gives Tan a pair of boxing gloves, telling him she'll always remember their sparring moments in the ring and how he helped her after Erica died.
  • Hondo and Deacon go to a shop to find a delivery driver, Mateen, who could be one of Joseph's accomplices, and the guy at the shop admits that Joseph would come in a lot and send money back home. Until his family were killed a few months ago.
  • The BOLO on Mateen has a hit immediately, and 20-Squad is quick to be on the scene. They arrest Mateen after he tries to run away, but he won't tell them where the nerve agent is. Mateen tells Hondo, after some reluctance, and 60-Squad finds it and turns it off. There are still five devices out there.
  • The team call Joseph from Mateen's burner but Joseph doesn't want to listen, as he's still upset over his family. He hangs up.
  • Hicks tells the team that Joseph turned off his phone as soon as the call ended.
  • Hondo frantically tries to call Nichelle as the Queen Mary could be under attack. Hondo calls his dad, who tells him that Nichelle is pregnant.
  • 20-Squad get to the Queen Mary to find the devices and Hondo wants to put his focus on that, but Deacon tells him they'll understand if he wants to take off and find Nichelle.
  • The deck of the Queen Mary is filled with people since it's Military Family Appreciation Day and Joseph plants one of the devices in a crowded area, setting a timer.
  • Chris and Tan spot Joseph and he fires a gun into the air, causing chaos.
  • 60-David, Becker, turns off one of the devices and has his team search for the rest.
  • 20-Squad run after Joseph and his accomlices.
  • The team manage to take down Joseph, but he's dropped the last device into the ship where it's unreachable.
  • The team begins evacuating the ship as Hondo and Luca find the device. Hondo runs into Nichelle and tells her to evacuate with her kids.
  • Luca risks his life to go into the vent since Hondo's going to be a dad but he's having trouble reaching the device. He suggests he pulls the release pin but it's going to get him.
  • Luca manages to bring the device close to him, but he starts seizing. Hondo hits him with the antidote, and after a few seconds, he calms down.
  • Chris turns in her badge and gun to Hicks, who tells her she's a legacy at S.W.A.T. and she's going to be missed.
  • Chris then meets Luca at the ambulance and brings up her first day at S.W.A.T. 10 years ago, how he told her to give it time, and she'd grow to love S.W.A.T. She gives him the fortune she had in her cookie that night when they got Chinese food. Friends become family.
  • At home, Hondo can't help but smile and Nichelle finds out that Daniel Sr. let the cat out of the bag.
  • 20-Squad gather for Chris' farewell dinner and Hondo makes Luca his baby's godfather.
  • Chris gives Hondo a small replica of the Queen Mary, bringing up the cruise ship heist, as a look at how far they've come.
  • Hondo makes a speech about how Chris left a legacy and a mark at S.W.A.T. and on them.
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This isn't political. It's straight revenge.


This is really happening.