On SWAT Season 1 Episode 4 the team goes after a local bomber, the women of the team come face to face with the difficulty of loving men with dangerous jobs, and we learn a big secret about Buck.

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When you watch SWAT Season 1 Episode 4 "Radical" online you'll get a front row seat to see how hard it is to watch the people you love put themselves in harms way. Both Deacon's wife and Jessica must swallow their fear, but unlike Annie, Jessica isn't willing to let her vulnerability show. Hondo goes toe-to-toe with Hicks regarding Buck's termination and gets smacked in the face with some truth. On top of this excitment, Hondo also accepts his "Jackass of the Year" award from the team and manages to talk a young college kid out of blowing up a classroom full of students. Just another day on SWAT.

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On SWAT Season 1 Episode 4, when a bomber dies in a Highland Park explosion, the SWAT team races to find the man's partner before more devices detonate.

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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Buck: I see what you're trying to do here, you're trying to make me feel useful.
Hondo: Buck, you got screwed man. No hearing, no review, come on. That's one hundred percent Hicks trying to cover his own ass. I could still use you here.
Buck: I'm not going to responsible for you getting fired too. You got this.

Jessica: Hey, I know Deacon felt passed over when he wasn't made team leader. How's he holding up?
Annie: You don't have to worry about my husband causing a problem.
Jessica: How are you doing?
Annie: Look, I know it's tough being a cop, but sometimes I think it's tougher loving one.