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Hondo and Jessica share a sweet domestic moment at his place.

A young man accidentally blows up himself and his apartment building while building a bomb.

The team gathers at Deacon's house for his baby's baptism party. Luca presents Hondo with a "Jackass of the Year" award.

Deacon's wife Annie commiserates with Jessica about how hard it is to love a cop.

The team is called out on the bomb case and Street finds a survivor under the rubble. He and Hondo meet her at the hospital and discover the bomber's accomplice.

Hondo visits a local shop owner who is willing to ask around the local mosques about the bombers potential connection to terrorism.

Street finds some good intel while diligently working the investigation.

Hondo invites Buck to HQ for help with the bomb case. Buck worries that Hondo is just trying to make him feel useful. Hondo says they were betrayed by HIcks.

Street and Hondo are enjoying a high-speed drive when they witness another explosion.

The team visits the suspects home and Deacon uses a bomb-squad "toy" to put out a fire before the whole place blows up.

The shop-owners store is vandalized because the FBI has been asking around about local muslins ties to the bombings.

Chris and School visit a local college and discover the professor who has been leading the kids to build and set off bombs.

Hondo blames Hicks for Buck's termination and Hicks reveals that Buck made the call himself.

Kevin takes a classroom hostage with a bomb and Hondo decides to act as negotiator but refuses to wear bomb gear.

The professor attempts to jump off of a parking garage roof to but Luca catches him at the last moment.

Hondo convinces Kevin to let one of the hostages out and after a long talk and  managing to connect with the kid, he finally surrenders.

Hondo tells Street to let Buck be for awhile and not to forget the sacrifice that was made so that he could be on the team.

Hondo and Jessica talk and she almost admits her feeling for him, before backing out at the last moment.

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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Buck: I see what you're trying to do here, you're trying to make me feel useful.
Hondo: Buck, you got screwed man. No hearing, no review, come on. That's one hundred percent Hicks trying to cover his own ass. I could still use you here.
Buck: I'm not going to responsible for you getting fired too. You got this.

Jessica: Hey, I know Deacon felt passed over when he wasn't made team leader. How's he holding up?
Annie: You don't have to worry about my husband causing a problem.
Jessica: How are you doing?
Annie: Look, I know it's tough being a cop, but sometimes I think it's tougher loving one.