Happy Times at the Spa - Sweet Magnolias
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The Sweet Magnolias are praying. They look relieved when they see Annie and Ty. Kyle and Nellie were in the car. The Lewises arrive and threaten to sue. Ronnie and Erik try to keep the peace.

The teens start blaming each other for how everything happened, and Kyle got the keys. Mellie only has a few scrapes. Kyle needs an orthopedic surgeon.

Jackson and Ty get in a fight, and Ty goes down, hurting his elbow. He can't use it or pitch for weeks. Cal tries to comfort Maddie.

Bill convinces Maddie to take Ty home and stay with Kyle.

Dana Sue is so relieved Annie is okay, but Annie feels responsible. Ronnie made Annie soothing hot chocolate and read to her to comfort her at home.

Dana Sue and Helen assure Maddie they are there for her. Dana Sue returns home to find Ronnie wanting to talk about their relationship. He wants to help.

Maddie is stressed that she didn't see Kyle was hurting, and she's still holding a grudge against Bill. Things are tense in Kyle's hotel room.

Cal brings Maddie pizza in squares for a casserole, and they discuss their next journey.

Nellie visits Kyle in the hospital and forgives him for his part in the accident.

Dana Sue reveals that Issac is looking for his birth mom. The ladies want to help.

Dana Sue is having a hard time with the accident. After she rushes out, Helen tells Maddie she's pregnant.




Sweet Magnolias
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Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Annie, come here baby. Obviously, we have to talk, but I want you to know that I love you and I'm so grateful that you're okay.

Dana Sue

They were very lucky tonight.