After Hours - Sweetbitter
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The dinner rush begins. Tess struggles to keep up with the demands of the restaurant life but makes it through her first day just in time to stumble upon the late-night Shift Drinks, when the restaurant lets the staff enjoy an open bar.

Tess sits alone as the restaurant fills with laughs and alcohol, prompting Simone to call her over and teach her how to code her tongue by flavor based on their locations in the mouth: Sweet. Sour. Salty. Bitter.

After everyone leaves for the bar, Sasha enlists Tess to help him find his wife (in name only) by tricking her into distracting one of his wive's friends so he could steal her phone.

When Jake grabs her for a couple of shots, Tess finds out Jake doesn't date Simone like she initially thought; instead, they just grew up together in Cape Cod. 

The result of Sasha's trickery regarding his wife's friend leaves Tess with a split lip and in confusion until Ari rescues her with a dab or two or cocaine and an explanation. 

Once Tess finds out the truth, she punches Sasha and begins to storm out until Will calms her down with a shot of whiskey and a booth seat.

The rest of the squad follow to the booth: Ari, Heather, Sasha, Jake, and a couple of others from the restaurant, and they all sit and listen to Tess tell a very depressing story of her childhood.

As everyone breaks away and leaves the bar for the night, Tess stumbles upon Jake making out with the Vivian, the bartender Ari has been eyeing all night. 

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Sweetbitter Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You feel awful. Let's move past that and let's not eat out of the garbage.


Ari: Forwards
Heather: Not backwards.
Sasha: Fucking faster.
Will: Don't run.