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Bay tries to reason with Ty regarding reasons and ways to get out of redeploying.

Jace tells Daphne he thinks a fight is a rite of passage.

Parker asks Daphne if she told anyone about her and Senator Coto.

Senator Coto wants to interview Daphne for intern of the year.

Nikki's mother admits that her father was really selling drugs when he was murdered.

Ty and Bay go camping and makes her repel off of a platform.

Daphne skips work and she and Kathryn have a spa day.

Daphne and Kathryn run into Senator Coto's wife, Diana, at the spa.

John tells Regina's boss that Angelo is married to her, not knowing it was a secret.

It's the day of Emmett's dad's cochlear implant surgery.

Senator Coto threatens Daphne during her interview.

When Jace discovers Daphne was threatened, he wants to retaliate and Daphne breaks up with him.

Toby asks Kathryn if he and Nikki can have their wedding at the house now.

When Bay returns to camp with an injured ankle, Ty carries her out to an ER.

Ty decides to ask Mr. Kennish for help.

Emmett plays drums for his father.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Ty: What about your parents? Are they in?
Bay: It's just about asking the right parent!

There's a special place in hell for boyfriends like you.