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Kathryn is singing Christmas carols and driving Bay nuts in their incredibly festive home. She's even making Bay shell nuts rather than buying them already shelled. WHAT?!

It's the first Christmas Daphne and Regina have spent with the Kennishes. They normally wake up late, watch movies and eat Chinese.

Kathryn shares the news with Regina at a family dinner how they do their Christmas. Christmas Eve dinner at 5 followed by each person opening one Christmas gift. The morning after begins at 8 a.m. and it takes about three hours to finish the gifting.

It seems the women are going to come to blows with Christmas. Kennish Karaoke will have to wait while they go to a movie. Kathryn wants to stick with her tradition, while Regina wants to do their thing. Bay thinks they should shake things up, while Daphne shares with Regina she's always wanted to have a Christmas like the Kennish Family Christmas. Can't they just do it one time? Without her, Regina says, and stomps off.

The girls get ready to break the last garlic knot in the restaurant. Something tells me it will make their Christmas wish to never have been switched come true...

Daphne wakes up in astrange room. She talks to herself in the mirror. Her voice isn't different. She can hear!

Daphne wonders where the squirrel tree is. Everything in the house is decorated completely differently than when she went to sleep. Kathryn walks into the kitchen, she has a meeting. Daphne's name is Bay and Kathryn has no idea why she's signing. Good for you, she says before leaving after saying there's nothing in the fridge.

Bay similarly wakes up somewhere else. She cannot hear. She starts to panic. When she walks out of her room, she notices a warm home full of artwork. Regina walks in and laughs at Bay when she says she can't hear, "Oh no. Call 911." She then calls Angelo into the room. Angelo Jr., that is. AJ if she'd be so kind. Daphne Sorrento learns she's about to take the art world by storm at her first art show.

The garage, normally filled with real Bay's artwork is filled instead with fauxBay's trophies. She's an aspiring Olympic athlete in soccer. She wonders where Regina is and John asks, "Who the hell's Regina?"

FauxDaphne makes her way to FauxBay's house. They discover what's going on. The switch never happened.

They talk about how different everything is, but still good. They decide it can be fun.

This time, it's Daphne who instigates the Kennish Karaoke. Toby wanders in, punked out and full of ink. The family is the definition of dysfunction. John's an over-eager soccer coach and Kathryn works full time since John didn't go back to the Royals after rehab.

Regina decides they should paint a Christmas tree on the wall.

FauxDaphne goes out and runs into Emmett. He's disgusting; all slicked and making weird faces. He and FauxDaphne are not friends.

At home, FauxDaphne discovers a painted wall, crushed little tree and Regina passed out on the couch in front of a spent bottle of run with egg nog. She was watching videos of the family while Angelo was still alive. FauxDaphne watches the Christmases she never had and cries.

AJ comes home, angry FauxDaphne let Regina drink.

The Fauxs get together to talk about how bad things have become. Toby meets FauxDaphne, checks her out and wanders to the Salvation Army to check out what they had on vinyl.

The Fauxs realize what happened with the garlic knot. The big idea is to go to the restaurant and look in the dumpster for leftover knots. Sal wanders by dressed as Santa. He says the knot's not the answer. They don't listen.

FauxDaphne gets her family to go to the Kennishes by parading their fame and fortune. FauxBay gets them over by having Kathryn adopt a family for the holidays.

Oh boy. How strange. When the two families get together, Regina asks for a scotch. The Fauxs start to make the knots. There is no truffle oil. Oh no! FauxDaphne decides to get Emmett to help out. Regina and Kathryn are talking beauty. Kathryn's hair is really nice straight. She's not that impressed with Regina, even after hearing her business is closing its doors soon.

FauxBay pours Regina's wine into a plant and that makes Regina open up about her own father and his drinking. Her mom and her leaving the house on Christmas Day for movies was the only thing she liked about the day because it got them out of the house and away from him.

kathryn hasn't done Christmas in years and no longer cooks. Both mothers and daughters connect with those they grew up with.

Toby tries to be cook with FauxDaphne saying things like, "Living in silence must be amazing," before he notes a connection to her like they were meant to be together. He asks her out on a date.

Emmett comes over with the truffle oil and FauxDaphne gets him to kiss her to put of Toby.

Inside, the mothers are arguing. FauxBay needs just five more minutes, so they can get the truffle oil. Emmett is totally lost.

The Fauxs say I wish we'd been switched at birth and bite into the knots. Sal was right. That's not the ticket.

FauxDaphne visits Kathryn to apologize for ruining Christmas. She takes her a gift. It's for making peanut brittle, peanuts in the shell and all.

FauxBay goes to see Regina. She's nursing a Bloody Mary, but it's really just tomato juice. FauxBay thinks she can get sober. Her gift to Regina is The Miracle on 34th Street to watch together while they order Chinese.

The Santa on their little tree twinkles.

The girls wake up the next day in their own families.

Both mother and daughter duos find their way back into each other's hearts. When Regina and Daphne arrive, Kathryn announces a whole tray of Chinese will be delivered any minute.

Bay and Daphne talk about the strangest dreams they both had and when Toby says he had dreams about skydiving with Bay, both were pleased.

Toby tells the story about Kathryn setting John on fire during a candle light service. A flame retardent sweater saved the day.

The story causes Daphne to pause. She can't believe they saved all those Christmases together. Of course, that and then Kathryn singing Have Your a Merry Little Christmas made the tears start flowing. Kathryn and John sing and then Toby picks up, followed by asking the other gals to join in.

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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Come on, Mom, what is with you? You're like the cruise director on the cruise to Christmas hell!


It takes three hours to open presents? We don't usually put that much emphasis on gifts.