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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 17, John and Kathryn come clean about their financial issues and the kids immediately start to feel guilty. Of course the guilt goes away quickly when Bay sees a student wearing an offensive shirt with hammer girl on the front. Bay tracks down the person who's making the shirts and it turns out it's a student who goes to UMKC. She goes to talk with him and demands he take the shirt on his website and stop selling her material, but he fires back that she doesn't own the art because it was put up illegally.

Bay gets to idea to involve the students mother in situation and, while he's being confronted by his mother, he goes make an offensive speech about how women are stupid and if they want to wear the shirts they have the right to do so. He continues to put women down in his speech and he is unknowingly being filmed by Bay. Bay uploaded the video on to the internet and the website is quickly taken down. Later, Bay makes the decision to say her final goodbye to hammer girl and move on from that phase of her life. 

Meanwhile, Daphne throws a fundraiser for the people in Mexico and is able to raise enough money to get more people in the program. Things are going well, at first, until Mingo realizes Daphne has been talking to Quinn and he gets angry with her. Mingo doesn't think it's right she's still talking with a man who kissed her and is keeping their friendship a secret from him. Eventually Mingo calms down and Daphne assures him nothing is going on between the two of.

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