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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 18, Bay starts to get back into her art again and is creating portraits with the idea of people being many things at once and how words don't define us. Bay shares the portraits with Garrett who instantly impressed and Bay wants to do a portrait of him as well, which he enthusiastically agrees to do. Bay also wants to get together with Garrett that night for a movie night at his apartment and she informs Daphne she's ready to go to the next level with him.

At Garrett's apartment things start to heat up, but Garrett assures Bay he is safe and gets tested every month for STDs. Bay gets overwhelmed by how experienced Garrett is and quickly makes up an excuse to leave which leaves him completely confused. Garrett decides to go to Travis for advice and Travis tells him about the incident with Bay and Tank which causes Garrett to get nervous and put the brakes on his relationship with Bay, but he informs her of what Travis told him first.

Bay gets furious with Travis and angrily confronts him and tells him he had no right to tell her personal business to Garrett without her permission. Travis apologizes and tries to tell her he didn't mean anything by it and thought he was helping her out. Bay leaves in a huff and goes to talk to Garrett who, at first, is nervous about continuing a relationship with someone who has been through a traumatic situation, but Bay assures him everything is OK and she wants to be with him. 

Later, when Bay is creating a new portrait for a client, she starts asking her words that describe her life and she starts naming off strong words. It's soon revealed Hope, Eric's ex wife, is the one who commissioned the portrait and it seems like she knows exactly who Bay is and that Eric lives in the guest house.

Meanwhile, Daphne and Mingo are convinced Josh has a thing for her and Mingo makes it his mission to find out the truth. During a ASL session between Mingo and Josh, the men start drinking and Mingo gets Josh loosened up, but things take an interesting turn when Josh goes into kiss Mingo. It turns out Josh has feelings for Mingo. Thankfully, Mingo is OK with Josh and the two come to an understanding about things. 

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