On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 13, Toby and Lily come to a final decision about the pregnancy. Will their families accept the choice they make?

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When you watch Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 13 online you'll see how important it is to weigh your opinions and not let others influence the choices you make. Toby finally informs his family about Lily's pregnany, but John doesn't take things well. John completely goes off on Toby and tells him that he isn't fit to be a father and they won't be raising the child for him. Kathryn is able to smooth things over, after finding out John is stressed out over finances, and gets him on board with whatever decision Toby and Lily decide to make. Bay helped Toby come to his own choice by taking him to a school which is geared towards people with down syndrome. At the school Toby meets a father who echos Toby's fears about the unknown, but is also able to reassure him how rewarding raising a child with down syndrome is. Bay isn't too happy about all the positive things Toby is hearing and tries to enlist a teachers help in showing Toby the negative side, but the teacher states all children are difficult to raise and it doesn't matter if they have down syndrome or not. Toby invited Lily over to his apartment and, after having a discussion, they decide to keep the baby. Toby goes to tell his family who are supportive and are willing to be there for both Lily and Toby for anything they need. Meanwhile, Regina goes to Atlanta to investigate Hope who it turns out is going to NA meetings. At first Regina is sure Hope has changed, but she soon finds out that Hope and her husband are using the NA meetings to sell drugs to addicts. Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch Switched at Birth online now via TV Fanatic.

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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 13, Toby and Lily come to a final decision about the pregnancy. Will thier families be accepting of the choice they make?

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Switched at Birth
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