On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 15, Bay, Travis and Daphne all go to Mexico to help Melody, but things take an awkward turn when Emmett shows up.

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When you watch Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 15 onine you'll see just how powerful jealousy and anger can be. Bay, Daphne and Travis all decide to go to Mexico to help Melody pass out hearing aids to those in need, but things get awkward when Emmett makes a surprise visit. Bay's jealousy and anger over her broken heart come to the surface and Bay tries to engage Emmett in a fight, but he doesn't give in to her prodding. When Emmett leaves his phone unattended, Bay takes the oppotunity to pretend to be Emmett and text Skye to ler her know what's going on in Mexico. Emmett finds out about what she did and confronts Bay who takes blame, but tries to also put the blame on Emmett. Emmett becomes furious with her and tells her she's being insanely jealous and needs to accept the fact he is with someone new. This further makes Bay angry and she comes up with the idea to flirt with Travis to get back at Emmett. Emmett, at first, doesn't take the bait and tries to convince Bay to leave Travis out of it, but Emmett's jealousy came out quickly and he punched Travis in the face when Travis tried to defend Bay. The next day, Bay goes to Frida Kahlo's house, but is sad to see her house is closed for the day. Thankfully Bay is in luck and she meets a former student of Frida Kahlo who shares stories about her. When Bay brings up the love between Frida and Diego, the student tells Bay their love for poison and Frida was extremely unhappy as she had consumed her life with jealousy which makes Bay realize she's doing the same thing with Emmett. When everyone gets ready to leave Mexico, Bay finally apologizes to Emmett and they have a heart to heart where they realize they are better apart. Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch Switched at Birth online via TV Fanatic anytime.

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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 15, Bay, Daphne and Travis volunteer to help Melody in Mexico, but things take an awkward turn when Emmett shows up.

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Switched at Birth
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