Assembing His League - Taboo
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Strange demands the death of Delaney in two days or he will start firing East India employees.

Delaney rides to the spot where he buried a bag, and digs it up. The bag contains many uncut diamonds.

Delaney puts the diamonds into a strongbox.

Delaney bids on and wins a ship at auction for his shipping company.

Strange is convinced that the Americans bought the services of Delaney for their fight against East India.

Delaney meets with old friend Atticus, discussing the identity of the man who killed his father. He also enlists his help in battling East India.

Solomon Coop briefs the Prince Regent about the American naval blockade of England. Regent wants all the American ships sunk and the American soldiers killed.

Delaney meets Winter, a mysterious 13 year old girl, who gives Delaney information about a silver toothed man who is looking to kill Delaney. Winter leads Delaney to the man's boat.

Delaney boards the boat, and burns it down.

Delaney asks Brace if he's seen the Nootka deed. He says no, and again advises Delaney to stop.

While searching for the deed, Delaney finds an old playbill with the name of the actress Lorna Bow circled.

Delaney confronts Helga about Winter, and asks for her help in finding Mr. Silver Tooth.

Delaney boards his newly purchased ship and tears out the slave chains from below deck.

He has visions of his past aboard an African slave ship.

Delaney meets with an American spy about cooperating but is rebuffed.

Zilpha receives a diamond in the mail from Delaney.

Thoyt talks to Delaney about his father's will, and Delaney reveals that the ship he bought was an East India slave ship.

He accuses Thoyt of selling his father out to East India.

Thoyt meets with creditors regarding the will of Horace Delaney. It is here we are introduced to Lorna Bow, who claims to be the wife of Horace.

Bow confronts Thoyt and Delaney about the veracity of her claims.

Outside the court. Atticus tells Delaney that it was Zilpha's husband Thorne who met with him about killing Delaney. 

East India meets to talk about using Lorna as leverage against Delaney.

Delaney meets with Zilpha, again professing his love and is rebuffed again.

Delaney is attacked in an alley by Mr. Silver Tooth. Delany kills him, but collapses, with a dagger in his side.





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Taboo Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Atticus: What's the smallest thing you've ever seen?
Delaney: Human kindness.

Strange: Where did he get the money to buy a ship? Jesus Christ, am I the only one in this company with a brain? They got to him first: either in Africa, or on the journey back to London. One of their agents approached him, briefed him, gave him money, and secured his services.
Lackey: Who did, sir?