Delaney in Custody - Taboo Season 1 Episode 7
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Delaney watches the funeral of Winter.

The Chemist brings Delaney's son Robert to the manor.

Lorna talks to Delaney about Winter's death.

Lorna questions a young boy about how Winter died.

Delaney sees a vision of Winter in a drunken stupor.

Chichester interrogates Delaney about his role in the sinking of The Influence.

Helga takes shots at Delaney on the street, thinking that he is the one who killed Winter.

Zilpha and Delaney discuss their future together.

Delaney tells her that they are finished, and Zilpha does not take the news well.

Delaney discusses his next move with Atticus.

Delaney talks to Brace, and learns that Brace is the one who poisoned Delaney's father.

Helga meets with Strange, and rats out Delaney in the gunpowder scheme.

Strange holds Helga and another against their will until they can testify against Delaney.

Strange makes a deal with Coop to exchange the land at Nootka Sound for the tea trade with China. 

Delaney delivers Godfrey to Chichester so that Godfrey can implicate Strange in the sinking of The Influence.

Godfrey flees the Crown guards as Delaney is arrested.

Delaney is brutally tortured, but refuses to give the Crown any information unless he meets alone with Sir Stuart Strange.

The torture doesn't work, and Strange meets with Delaney at the end of the episode.



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Taboo Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I happen to like driving in nails. Takes your mind off the rain, and off of the sinking ship.


Lorna: I know you didn't do it.
Delaney: And how would you know that? [grunt] I very well may have.
Lorna: [grunt] You might have done it. I do know you cared for her. You were kind to her-she told me.