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Rebecca is redoing her office. Higgins could have had a million-pound painting, but he failed to take her up on her momentary offer.

Rebecca asks for George. He comes in cocky as hell, but she fires him on the spot. His performance, his casual misogyny, or wearing those tiny shorts that force her to see one of his testicles. Most of all, she doesn't like him.

Sportscenter has the news. Ted Lasso is the next coach for AFC Richmond.

Go Murica!

Someone takes an ussie with Ted on the plane. Nothing gets him down. He needs fun facts from his asst Coach Beard.

Ted looks at his phone. There is a picture of his wife and son. So why is he leaving?

Ted didn't sleep a wink on the plane. He looks it. Ted is the kind of guy who wants to know everybody's name and will carry his own bags when he has a driver perfectly willing to do it.

After a short sightseeing adventure, they arrive at the stadium. The first place Ted wants to go is the pitch, where they're greeted by Nate freaking out over him touching it.

They're on the way to meet Rebecca. They greet, drink brown water, and take a tour of the club.

Rebecca is taken aback when Ted asks how she's feeling after what happened with her husband.

She takes him right into a press conference. No sleep and totally unprepared.

Ted doesn't do well with "fizzy water." He doesn't impress the press corps at all, laughing about two halves and tie games. This is when he meets Trent Crim from the Independent. He's a stuffy pants and questions Ted with seemingly ill will.

Rebecca addresses the press directly. She's seen nothing but profound mediocrity. Is she wrong? She's into The Lasso way now.

Rebecca wants to fuck her ex in the ass with a cricket bat by bringing Ted aboard. She wants to tank the team.

Out on the pitch, Ted waves to Nate who cannot believe it. Roy Kent is swearing at the team.

Ted and Beard love the sports mix, making Nathan smile. He's even more impressed that Ted remembers his name.

Ted gets the scoop from Beard and Nate, surprised that the guys on the squad are from all over the place.

While Ted addresses a none-too-impressed squad, Keeley walks in to pick up her boyfriend, Jamie, who has no desire to stick around for his talk.

They go about Americanizing the coaches office. Roy calls Ted Ronald Fucking McDonald before sauntering out of the room. Then Ted begins putting up his inspirational messages.

Keeley comes back to find his Believe poster is crooked. She discovers why Ted bumped his head inside of Jamie's locker. Nude Keeley posters.

She warns him to steer clear of some hashtags on Twitter. Won't be a problem.

Ted and Beard jam themselves in Nate's car. Higgins feels terrible that they're being so mean to Ted, so Rebecca promotes him. He accepts grudgingly.

Then she suggests that being mean to Ted must be easier than it was for him to sneak all of Rupert's women in behind her back all those years.

There is a big welcome basket waiting for Ted. Sad music plays. We're going to get to know something about him. He counts on his fingers, then gets a shower before calling home and talking with his son. The conversation with his wife suggests that things are not going well between them.

When he says they gotta come over to check it out, he wonders what he did wrong. He's not giving her the space she wants. He loves her, he says, which also upsets her.



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Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Hey, takin' on a challenge is a lot like ridin' a horse. If you're comfortable while you're doin' it, you're probably doin' it wrong.


George: I love what you done with the place. Did you do it yourself, or did you get some pouf to help ya?
Rebecca: I could ask the same of your hair.