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To Ted's discomfort, Trent Crimm's exposé is talked about on TV, and other publications picked up the story.  People on the street treat him with caution, but he receives support from Rebecca, Sharon, Michelle, Beard, Keeley, and Higgins.

Roy confronts Jamie about his confession of love to Keeley. Jamie apologizes and says he meant no disrespect to Keeley, Roy, or their relationship. Roy forgives him.

On the pitch, Ted apologizes to the team for not being upfront about the panic attack. The team lets Ted know they have his back. They also swear vengance upon the person who leaked the story, but Ted nips the talk in the bud.

Sam continues to mull Edwin's offer, and his dad advises him to watch for a sign from the universe.

At home, Keeley tells Roy about an offer from the Bantr people to bankroll her own PR firm. Roy is ecstatic and insists on breaking out the champagne. Then Keeley receives a preview of the Vanity Fair article but is upset to learn no pictures of Roy were included.

Roy insists he doesn't care and tells her not to make any changes.

At the Crown & Anchor, Mae brings beers to Ted and Beard assures Ted the exposé will blow over. Beard reveals he knows Nate is the source and advises Ted to confront him. 

Before the match, Roy confesses to the Diamond Dogs he is bothered about being left out of the Vanity Fair article and his worries about Keeley leaving him. 

The Brentford match gets off to a rough start with the score with Richmond trailing 0-2. Ted asks the team if they should abandon Nate's False 9 play, but Jan Maas convinces them to stick with it.

Nate and Ted stay behind while everyone else goes back to the game. Nate goes off on Ted, accusing Ted of abandoning him, says Ted doesn't belong here and wouldn't have won single game without him. Nate is sure Richmond will lose and storms off.

The match is in-progress. Sam scores for Richmond. Then Jamie gets fouled, and a penalty kick is called. Jamie tells Dani to take the kick. Dani scores, tieing the game, which is enough to promote Richmond.

While the team celebrates, Ted discovers Nate ripped the "BELIEVE" sign. 

Sam turns down Edwin's offer. He plans on staying with Richmond and opening a Nigerian restaurant. 

Roy gifts Keeley with a 6-week vacation. Keeley turns it down, but tells him to go on his own. Distraught, Roy leaves behind the tickets.

Rupert bought West Ham United, and Nate is the manager. 


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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Keeley, a good mentor hopes you move on. A great mentor knows you will.


Yeah, instead of beating him beating him to death, I f**king forgave him. I'm still f**king furious about it.