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The Alpha Wolf finds Scott and chases him to his locked car.  The Alpha just draws a spiral in the condensation on the window.  Later on, Derek pays a visit to the vet, and captures him, thinking he was the Alpha.  Scott shows up and accidentally distracts Derek long enough to let the vet escape.  The Alpha then shows up and stabs Derek through the back.

Meanwhile, Stiles is trying to help Scott control his anger when his heart rate increases.  He throws lacrosse balls at him.  He keys a truck and points the finger at Scott so he gets beat up.  Finally the Coach belittles Scott to the point of wolfing out, but Allison holds Scott's hand to calm him down.  They realize she helps him control his powers.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Scott: You buried your sister under a spiral. What does it mean?
Derek: You don't wanna know.

You want me to teach you, get rid of her.