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Another full moon is on the horizon, and Scott wants to make sure he doesn't do anything harmful.  He really wants to get back together with Allison, but she is starting to build a pleasant relationship with Jackson.  Seeing this happen, Lydia makes a move on Scott.

Scott's wolf behaviors get the better of him, as he gives in and makes out with Lydia.  Stiles finds out about it and handcuffs Scott to the radiator in his bedroom.  When the full moon comes out, Scott escapes and heads out on the town.  He finds Allison with Jackson in a car and jumps on it, but Derek Hale returns and tackles him.

They fight for a while, before Derek gets the upper hand.  Scott explains that he is tired of being a wolf, and wants a cure.  Derek says there is one that he knows of…kill the one that bit you.  Scott must kill the alpha wolf.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Give me the bottle of Jack.


When your best friend gets told by his girlfriend that they're taking a break...you get your best friend drunk.