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Derek and Scott are trapped during a storm.

Melissa sees Peter for the first time.

Cora's life is in Ms. Blake's hands.

As alphas fight in the basement of the hospital, Jennifer attempts an escape.

Ms. Blake promises to save Cora and tell them where Sheriff Stiliski is only when she's safe from the alphas.

Pedi-alpha called Ms. Blake Julia and she responded.

Stiles resuscitates Cora.

Melissa kicked the twins ass.

Julia (Jennifer Blake) was Kali's emissary, who Deucalion required her to kill to join the pack - she didn't finish the job.

Derek's sacrifice of Paige in the root cellar gave just enough power to the Nemeton to keep her alive until she was found alive by Sheriff S.

Derek tells Blake what happens to werewolves during a total lunar eclipse - they lose all their powers.

Stiles realizes who the guardians are and tries to stop Scott.

Scott goes off with Deucalion.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Melissa: You're him, aren't you.
Deucalion: Him?
Melissa: The bad guy.
Deucalion: You have no idea.

Melissa: You're supposed to be dead.
Peter: I get that a lot, actually.