A Superstar In the Making - Tell Me A Story
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A girl is jogging when her boyfriend catches up to her and tackles her from behind. They roll in the grass and giggle while talking about the evening's events.

Maddie gets a call from a guy named Jackson.

There is a guy in a prison holding cell. He's looking pretty rough.

Maddie is there to get him out while the cop doing the paperwork tells Maddie how much his little girls like her sister.

It's the Ashley Rose album debut party. Jackson is there. He's in the band, it seems.

Jackson wants to know why Terry is there. Ask his mom. Mom is replacing Jackson on lead guitar until he gets his shit together.

Ashley greets Maddie with the news that mom fired Jackson. Ashley can't take any more of her controlling bulldozing crap. She's 25-years-old. When will it stop?

Ashley Rose came up from nowhere through YouTube to this debut album.

The song isn't bad for a pop song.

Ashley drives herself home from a gig? Wow. Oh. Bigger wow. The car exploded, and she's stuck inside. A guy pulls her out just before it's engulfed. Still, Ashley's arm is on fire.

Three months later, there is a news story about Ashley's release from a hospital. Apparently, she's supposed to be a country star. Hmmm.

A couple of dudes look like security guards are chatting. They have black suits. Oh, they're father and son. The son looks like Trevor Noah from late night. He lost his job for some reason.

Maddie's writer boyfriend is swilling coffee so fast that ice cubes didn't even melt. He looks like hell.

Still, he delivers a mug to Maddie who thinks he needs to call the doctor for pills.

They're engaged. He's weeks behind on his deadline. He's a crazy writer, he reminds her.

Oh. Matt Lauria ass shot!

And an ass shot of whoever he's sleeping with. Oddly, she slept with her bra on.

She says she thinks her husband knows. They laugh about it. When he says maybe she should stop coming over, she's not impressed. Even less when he says she shouldn't be cheatin'. It's wrong.

Dude begins trawling behind a girl who is talking with her mom. He's kind of spying on her. Very uncool.

There are all kinds of ugly flowers in Ashley's room. She has gotten skin grafts on her arms and across half of her face. She had vocal cord damage, so they don't know if her career will continue.

Ken Mars and his son, Bol?, are going to escort Ashely through the crowds. Before they even get two feet away from her room, a fake doctor is trying to get a photo.

Ashley's mom goes out with a blanket over her head to allow Ashley a back-door escape.

Oh, his name is Beau. Ashley is impressed with his quick thinking.

Tucker is at home slamming caffeine with a blank page before him which he frustratingly slams shut before looking at photos of Olivia, the gal he's been stalking.

Damien, best known as Prota Zoa from Xenon, wonders about Ashley's ability to sing.

Ashley's friend is the chick from Finding Carter, Kathryn Prescott. Ashley was burned over 27% of her body.

Ashley's mother is worried about whether she'll lose her recording contract.

Jackson arrives wanting his mom's approval. He claims to be sober but can't say how many days or if he's going to meetings.

The siblings all get together in Ashley's room.

Tucker appears to be breaking and entering at Olivia's place.

He finds a cat on a chair. He pets her. Her name is Reba. Is he going to kill her?? He better not.

He leaves Reba to go sleep on Olivia's bed. He almost falls asleep when he hears her arrive home.

She hears him leaving when the floor creeks. She thinks it's just Reba.

Jackson is at a gig when he spots a chick at the bar he likes. He tries to pick up on her, but she's not receptive.


Beau is a Nashville cop on leave, but he doesn't want to talk about it. When he attempts to help her lift something, their hands brush, and Ashley gets very self-conscious.

Uh oh. Simone is married, and Jackson gets a beating in the alley. Ohhhh. No. It's not Simone's husband. It's the husband of the gal from earlier in the day.

Once she chases away the husband, Simone gets Jackson's keys and takes him home.

Maddie and Tucker are eating dinner, and she wonders if he has cold feet about the wedding. No, of course not.

But she doesn't think they're connecting like they used to. He uses a waves in the ocean analogy, but she's not having it. Talk to me. No.

He cannot wait to marry her. He loves her so much. So much.

Sexy time.

He can't get hard. He promises that things will get better.

Well, that didn't go well.

Simone wonders if this happens a lot to Jackson.

He wants her number because he made her smile twelve times tonight and doesn't do that for many people lately.


No wonder Tucker can't sleep. He's lurking inside of Olivia's house again.

Kudos to women like Maddie who never notice their men have left the house.

Beau is checking up on Ashley who didn't answer her door.

Her room appears empty, so he just meanders through. While he's out on the balcony, she strolls back to her bed in a robe and picks up the guitar. She's trying to sing.

She spots Beau outside. Since she can't sing, she screams at him to get the fuck out. She looks at all of her scars and screams in the mirror before breaking it.

The crazy fan from the hospital has her over his computer. He sings to her while singing fucking creepily and lighting candles. He so did it.

Jesus. He's burning himself. He's standing naked in front of candelabras burning his arms and singing to her song

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Tell Me A Story Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm out of favors, Jackson. Next time you go honky tonkin, try Kentucky.


Maddie: You said you'd call. You need pills.
Dude: [chuckles] I have pills. They don't work. They just fuck up my head and make me buy things off of Amazon.