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Hannah is reliving her combat days. Neither she nor Gabe appears to be injured.

They have no phone signal.

One of the guys reaches out of the car and grabs Gabe's ankle. He starts shooting, sending the kids not to the road, but into the woods.

The detective is at Eddie's. Mitch is bawling on the front porch. They're talking about the same subjects but both are treating each other poorly when it comes to respect.

Colleen is admiring Kayla's unfinished drawing while Kayla cooks breakfast. That's when Tim breaks the news he met Nick the night before.

Jordan is out of his mind, dirty, and muttering Eddie's lines when he conjures up Eddie. Eddie waves. He's still not here.

Eddie tries to get across to Jordan that in their story, Jordan has just taken Eddie's place and he needs to refocus.

At school, Kayla confronts Nick who tries to pretend as if his run-in with Tim was a coincidence. Nick is so flustered he tells the kids to sit the fuck down when they don't listen to his mild-mannered self.

Katrina checks in on Tim who is worried about Jordan. She offers to go check on Jordan with him. 

Kayla and what's her name discover Nick is not who he says he is. His name is Joshua, and he had a younger brother named Nick. Nick was in a wheelchair for reasons they're trying to pin down.

At Jordan's Tim and Katrina find a pig stye. She can't leave without cleaning. They understand what he's going through, spiraling without an anchor.

Shelly is leaving Mitch, but Jordan is inside her house pointing a gun her way.

One of the goons, also not at all injured, stumbles upon Gabe. Start walking.

Hannah is off in the woods mutilating trees so she can stash her money and find her way back. The mutilation is a bit overboard.

Jordan left a gift at Mitch's place with a question mark above a third pig's head so he could find out who killed Beth. Jordan says he'll kill Shelley unless he gets the name. Shelley is tied up and gagged in the trunk.

At a state park, Gabe runs into a woman named Esther. She wants to call 9-1-1 but he asks to use her phone instead. There is no reception in the woods, but miraculously, Gabe has no problems reaching Hannah on the first try.

Of course, the water Esther gave to him was poisoned because she's who the goons were calling. 

Old lady Esther must live in the gingerbread house.

Laney is on the lookout while Kayla breaks into Nick's place. Kayla locks the door upon entry but fails to lock the chain. That they show it dangling behind her must mean something.

Katrina checks in with Tim before she leaves and flirts. Tim still hasn't asked her on a date.

Esther calls Hannah. The money for Gabe.

Jordan wonders why Shelley had a suitcase. He pulls the gun away from her when he realizes she has been hurting just as much as Jordan has been of late. She was leaving Mitch because she realized she married half of a good guy. 

Sam appears with Mitch and calls Jordan's bluff. Eddie eggs on Jordan to see if he can follow through with his plan to kill Shelley. He thinks he's a bitch ass mother fucker. When he suspects it's all Jordan can do to stand straight, Sam shoots Shelley multiple times in the abdomen then Mitch in the head.

Jordan runs like hell.

Nick sneaks up on Laney. Kayla doesn't have on her ringer.

Kayla finds papers in Nick's closet that prove he's Joshua as he's running like hell into the building. She's getting ready to look at something in a suitcase but finds a painting by her mother behind a sheet as he starts turning the knob.



Tell Me A Story
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Tell Me A Story Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jordan: You killed yourself, you crazy drug addict! It's all on you.
Eddie: And you're not responsible for any of it. Not accountability or culpability. That story sounds really familiar. Oh wait, that's my story.

Jordan: No one was supposed to die.
Eddie: That's my line.
Jordan: You're not really here.
Eddie: Of course I'm not.