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A Terra Nova soldier is killed by a dinosaur, but after investigation it turns out someone lured the dino there to murder the soldier.  Jim finds out that the kid was seeing a married woman, which is when said woman's husband confesses to the crime.


Taylor banishes the man from Terra Nova, but Jim thinks something is up, so he follows him outside the gates.  He brings the man back to his house and gets him to admit that he thought his wife killed the soldier.  It turned out that neither of them did.


Jim and Taylor look into the establishment that the soldier played cards at, pretend to be looking into the owner of the bar, and trap one of the other soldiers into admitting he killed his friend.

Terra Nova
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Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

How do you kill a man with a dinosaur?


Mira: You're the cop's kid.
Josh: Or Josh.