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A young girl ran away from the Sixers to Terra Nova.  The Commander and the Shannons take her in as one of their own.  After civilizing her a bit, the girl stole a box from Mira's old house and tried to escape with it.  After finding out that she did it because Mira had her brother hostage, Terra Nova allows her to stay.


Jim goes out looking for the girl's brother and is captured by the Sixers.  Mira tells him that powerful people in 2149 want Taylor out, and she is helping them so that she can see her family again.  Mira then lets Jim go with the boy back to Terra Nova.


Meanwhile Maddie attempts to work with her mother, but gets sick from all of the blood at the clinic.  Reynolds begins his courtship of her.  Josh spends most of his time babysitting Zoe and the runaway girl.

Terra Nova
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Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

So what a family is six now?


This is the second time you've come to our gates and threatened the colony. There won't be a third.