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Britt is taken aback by how distant Katie is acting on this week's episode. We know why, and Hank knows why, but poor Britt is in the dark.

The main storyline, however, centers around an amnesiac college student that Hank tries to help. Why? Mostly because this kid reminds him of Stephanie. We see Hank work tirelessly to prove to the kid, and to Mark and to himself that  the confused teen is really a good person... even when we learn he kidnapped a fellow student.

Turns out, the kid had been taking anti-Malaria medication and it made him act goofy, while also leading to a forgotten identity. Hank's assistance helps the kid realize that he can get better.

As for Stephanie, she's seen better days. She hallucinates a play date with a young neighbor and realizes she needs the kind of professional help Hank simply can't provide. Therefore, she recommends herself for a facility outside of town. Hank pays for it with the $100,00 in bonds he and Britt got for the Lindus case and emotionally bids his sister farewell, handling their separation and situation far worse than she does.

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