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It's reunion time at Camp Jaha. Major Byrne brings Clarke into the camp for questioning when Abby recognizes her daughter. They have a happy reunion and Abby takes care of Clarkes injuries and cleans her up. When Clarke wakes up, she talks about getting a group together to go to Mount Weather. Abby doesn't want Clarke to leave.

Clarke leaves the tent and is reunited with Raven, who was waiting outside all night. As they are getting reacquainted, Bellamy, Octavia and their group arrives. Clarke rushes into Bellamy's arms and then hugs Octavia. It's a joyous reunion, until Clarke finds out Finn is still out there looking for her. Abby orders the kids to stay behind, but they disobey and get guns and help from Raven to go after Finn. 

Finn and Murphy find Lincoln's village and distract the Grounders by setting their food shed on fire. They look for their friends but don't find them. They use force to get the Grounders under control and Finn threatens them for information about their friends. Nyko insists they don't have them. He says that Octavia was there, but she was the only one.

When one of the Grounders makes a run for it, Finn shoots him. Another attacks and it's a blood bath, even Nyko's son gets shot. As Murphy finally gets Finn to stop shooting, Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia show up. Finn says he found Clarke. She looks at him in shock and steps back.

Meanwhile, Kane's mission to meet with the Grounders to negotiate peace goes wrong. He trusts his Grounder prisoner enough to put down his weapons and free the man. In return, Kane gets knocked out and put into a whole. In the trap, there's another man. It's Jaha. Kane and Jaha are reunited.

At Mount Weather, Maya gets sick from radiation contamination. Dr. Tsing says the only thing that will save her is to run her blood through Jasper's system. Jasper agrees. After the treatment, Maya is better and Jasper appears to be doing okay. President Wallace is furious that Dr. Tsing did the procedure without permission. She wasn't supposed to experiment on the 48 yet. Dante's son recommends that they continue using the kids to save their own.

Dante's son doesn't have a high regard for the lives of others though. He's in charge of the Cerberus program, which appears to be a drug and behavioral program to turn Grounders into Reapers. Lincoln is dosed and subjected to a high pitch noise over and over again. Eventually, he's put in a room with another Grounder and they have to fight to get a dose of the drug. Lincoln kills the other man and doses himself.

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