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Finn and Murphy are pardoned for their roles in the Grounder massacre. Despite Finn's freedom, she can't look at him. Raven finds out that Mount Weather is jamming their communication signal which is why they don't know if there are other survivors from the Ark around.

Clarke wants to go bring down the communication tower, but Abby forbids her from leaving. After making their case, she agrees to let Clarke and Raven go with others, but she's going with them.

On the trip, Bellamy and Octavia sneak off to look for a way into Mount Weather to save the 47 people Clarke left behind. Mount Weather realizes they are there and release the acid cloud. Bellamy and Octavia find a way into a parking garage and Finn and Clarke go to their bunker.

Clarke is shocked to see the Grounder he killed. Finn says she's not looking at him the way she used to and returns her father's watch to her. He tells her the Grounder had it around his neck. This brings them together a little.

In the parking garage, Octavia and Bellamy are attacked by a Reaper. It's Lincoln. They call for him and then stun him unconscious to bring him back home.

 Raven finds an open encrypted communication signal being used by Mount Weather. She breaks through the encryption which means they can listen in on the Mountain Men communication. She convinces Abby to wait to bomb the communication tower.

Finn and Clarke are reunited with Abby and Raven at Camp Jaha.

At Mount Weather, Dante convinces Jasper to encourage others to help cure the Mount Weather residents. When Jasper asks others to volunteer, no one agrees. Then, Maya takes Jasper and Monte to see how the Grounders are being used to cure their people. They devise a plan to stay alive until Clarke comes to rescue them. Monte and others will slowly agree to volunteer to be used as a cure. 

Dante's happy that his decision to ask for volunteers worked. He threatens Cage. He will eliminate his son if he's lying about his complicity in the leak which poisoned Maya.

Jaha and Kane are held by the Grounders, who are upset over the assassin who killed 18 of their people in the village. The Grounders demand blood for blood. Kane and Jaha are put together with a knife so one of them can kill the other. They initially refuse. 

Then Kane decides he has to sacrifice himself for peace. He wants Jaha to kill him and when the Chancellor refuses, Kane slices his own arm. Jaha asks the girl for cloth to stop the bleeding.

It turns out she's the Commander and was there to get a read on the Sky People. She believes they want peace. Jaha is beat up and released. 

He shows up at Camp Jaha and is reunited with his people. He tells Abby that they have two days to leave or be killed.


The 100
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The 100 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Clarke: I don't even know who you are any more
Finn: Neither do I
Clarke: What have we become?

Just because they pardoned you, doesn't mean I have.