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The 100 Season 2 Episode 9 opens on Clarke's bloody hands, instantly bringing us back to the moment when she killed Finn to save him from torture at the hands of the Grounders. She is shaking and upset, but she knows that what she did had to be done.

Lexa agrees to let her indiscretion play, saying that despite the fact that the Grounders did not get their prescribed brand of justice, Clarke will be haunted by her actions for the rest of her life and that's good enough for them. 

Meanwhile, Abby and Kane discuss the recent events and the truce with the Grounders, concerned that their Commander is a teenager. While worrisome to Abby, Kane is quick to acknowledge Clarke's own expanding role in Ark leadership. 

In order for the truce to hold, Finn must be put to rest per a Grounder tradition at the site of his massacre. Clarke agrees to this, but becomes haunted by her actions, which take the form of hallucinatory images of Finn. 

Back at Mount Weather, the gang is trying to find out what has happened to Harper. Monty has a plan to send an SOS signal to the Ark, but it involves a dangerous mission, a hammer and a little elbow grease on Miller's part. They are almost caught, but Jasper pulls the stealthy move of pretending to be making out in order to cover their tracks. Smooth, Jasper. Real smooth.

On the road to the Grounder village, Bellamy lets Clarke know that she did the right thing killing Finn. Clarke appreciates his words, but knows that he thinks the truce is a waste of time. Bellamy believes they should take matters into their own hands by infiltrating Mount Weather. Clarke vetoes his idea, and tells him that she can't risk losing him too.

During the ceremony, Lexa hands Clarke the torch to set Finn's funeral pyre. As she does so, she is guided by a vision of Finn's hand on her own, and she echoes the solemn Grounder mantra: "your fight is over." 

Lexa later shares the story of her lost love Kastia, who was killed and tortured. She blames herself and has since learned that love is weakness.

Grounders and Sky People break bread over dinner, and Kane presents a bottle of liquor as a gift. Lexa invites Clarke to toast with her, but not before her right hand man tests the drink. He promptly convulses, revealing that the beverage had been poisoned. 

With the alliance apparently broken, a vial of poison is found on Raven, who maintains her innocence. When Clarke asks Raven for the truth, Raven punches her in the face and calls her the only murderer. Raven is taken into custody and Indra announces that they are all free to go, but with Raven's death will come the end of the alliance. 

Raven is tied to a tree, in a position reminiscent of Finn's final moments. They begin the torture with cuts. Clarke is still hallucinating Finn and she begs him to say something. In answer he leads her vision to the fallen cup. 

With the realization that the bottle wasn't poisoned but instead the cup, she confronts Lexa and the Grounders, swigging from the bottle to prove her point. Gustus is revealed to be the perpetrator; the alliance the target. 

Back at Mount Weather, Monty has entered the control room in disguise and unjams the frequency to send their distress call. His plan is a success, but he is caught after entering contradictory information into the log book,

As Gustus' torture begins, Raven looks on and realizes that Finn would have suffered this same punishment and worse had Clarke not ended it when she did.

Later, Lincoln asks Bellamy how he knew that it was Gustus. Bellamy answers that it was a safe assumption because Gustas would do anything to protect Lexa. Clarke, meanwhile has taken Lexa's advice and shelved all emotion. She tells Bellamy he can be the inside man at Mount Weather, after all.

Love is weakness. Clarke echoes Lexa's words to one last hallucination of Finn. With those words, he turns and disappears. For better or worse, Clarke is all about the fight now.

At Mount Weather, Monty awakes in a cage, in a room of cages. Another one is occupied by the missing Harper. There is one for each of the remaining 47. An escape is necessary, and help is on the way.


The 100
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The 100 Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Bellamy: If I'm going to take orders from you, I need a better reason.
Clarke: I can't lose you, too.

Abby: She's a child. They're being led by a child.
Kane: So are we.