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The escaped Arkadia group returns to the cave where Bellamy is chained up. Octavia tells him that Pike killed Lincoln and savagely beats Bellamy. The others try to intervene but Bellamy stops them, allowing her to continue hitting him. Octavia tells Bellamy that he's dead to her.

Ontari guards Murphy as he's chained in the Commander's bedroom, waiting for Roan to return with the flame. Murphy goads her about being afraid. An ambassador arrives and questions Ontari's ascension, asking when she'll name the Commander lineage. Murphy lies on Ontari's behalf, preventing her from killing the ambassador. The ambassador leaves suspiciously and Murphy offers to help Ontari with the naming of the lineage -- all the names of the past Commanders.

Raven blasts music, exercises, and recites "The Raven," using sensory overstimulation to try to block ALIE out. ALIE tells her that sensory stimulation at the level required to block her isn't sustainable, but Raven refuses to give up. Abby and Jasper arrive and Raven tells Abby that she needs her help to get "this thing" out of her head.

Hannah warns Monty that Pike knows he's a traitor, and she tells him to leave immediately.

The Arkadia group discusses eliminating Pike, noting that the Grounders will lift the blockade if they eliminate him (though those were Lexa's terms, and Sinclair points out that the new Commander may not follow them). Monty radios Bellamy, having left the camp because Pike is onto him. Kane instructs Monty to go to the dropship where he'll pick him up and bring him back to their group. They think it may be a trap by Pike, so decide to bring Bellamy along for a hostage exchange. Kane, Octavia, and Bellamy head off.

Jaha and ALIE sit surrounded by the other City of Light recruits and discuss the plan to get Raven back on board. Jaha suggests returning her pain to override her free will. Elsewhere, Raven tries to convince Abby and Jasper that the wristbands that The 100 had when they were sent to the ground can be used to sent an electric signal to fry the chip she ingested. Abby sends Jasper off to find them, as ALIE also sends her cronies off to find them and destroy them.

ALIE returns Raven's memories, causing all of Raven's pain to come rushing back and debilitating her. Abby tries to help her but finally Raven can't take anymore pain and submits fully to ALIE. ALIE takes over Raven's body completely, which ALIE-as-Raven announces to Jackson and Abby. Jackson sedates Abby.

Murphy and Ontari are unable to find the names of the Commanders. Ontari explains that she deserves the Commandership -- she was snatched from her parents by Queen Nia and suffered for it. Murphy tells Ontari that he can help her sell the Commander lie by pretending to be her flamekeeper. He suggests she not kill anyone.

Jasper finds the wristbands but Jaha and ALIE's cronies find him as well. They restrain him and Jaha begins destroying the wristbands.

Octavia and Kane take Bellamy at gunpoint to the hostage exchange. Pike produces Monty, who he's also holding at gunpoint. Kane puts down his weapon voluntarily to save Monty, and Bellamy manages to disarm Octavia. Pike's men restrain Octavia and Kane. Bellamy convinces Pike that he's still with him by telling him that all the others are in a cave nearby and that he'll take Pike to them.

Jackson, Jaha, and ALIE-as-Raven tie up Abby and try to convince her to swallow the key. Abby demands to speak with Raven. ALIE forces Abby's hand by cutting her wrists while in control of Raven, causing Raven to bleed out. Abby takes the chip in order to save Raven's life.

Ontari practices her speech. Murphy brings the ambassador who was questioning her earlier to Titus' sacred room. She delivers her speech to the ambassador, saying she won't name the lineage but is Commander anyway. He refuses to accept that and she attacks him, gouging out his eyes.

Bellamy leads the group past the blockade, signaling the Grounders that he has Pike and turning a gun on him. Kane stops Octavia from killing Pike, telling her that the Grounders need Pike alive to get justice for the deaths. Kane questions whether Bellamy turned against Pike for his sister or because it was the right thing to do. Bellamy does not answer. The Grounders take Pike, and Kane goes with them as the Ambassador to the 13th clan, to speak with the new Commander. Monty tells Bellamy that his own mother turned him into Pike and Bellamy reassures him that they're family and will work it out, looking meaningfully over at Octavia. In response, Octavia savagely kills one of Pike's guards and mutters "Blood must have blood" in Trigedasleng.

Murphy and Ontari return to her room. She has Murphy put back in chains, against his wishes, and then comes onto him. Murphy tries to resist, explaining that there's another woman. They have sex anyway.

Jasper breaks free of his restraints. He sees that Abby has taken the chip and is now convincing others to take it. He runs to find Raven and sees her cut wrists. She tries to convince him she is OK. He sedates her and carries her out of Arkadia, putting her in the truck and fleeing while they are pursued by ALIE's converted followers. Jasper nearly runs over Clarke who's just arriving back at Arkadia, but tells her to hop in while they flee. Clarke spots her mother amidst the followers they are fleeing and is disturbed to see Abby smiling happily. Abby comments that, now that Arkadia has fallen, they can move on to phase 2.

The 100
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The 100 Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Ontari: Roan said not to let you out of my sight until he got back.
Murphy: We're on the 50th floor, where am I gonna go?

You're dead to me.

Octavia [to Bellamy]