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After being dropped off on shore by Luna, Clarke and the others start up the rover preparing to head back to Arkadia. Clarke is upset and storms off after Octavia refuses to assist Clarke in raiding other Grounder villages seeking Nightbloods. ALIE appears, telling an unseen someone that they must capture Clarke. A chipped soldier attacks Clarke and is shot with an arrow by Roan. Roan attempts to steal the flame from Clarke to bring it back to Ontari, but he is stopped by Bellamy who non-fatally shoots him (proving Roan isn't chipped). They take Roan back to Arkadia with them.

The group returns to Arkadia, explaining what happened with Luna. They take Roan to lock-up. Clarke's plan is to use Roan to get into Polis and to Ontari, so they can remove the ALIE chip from her and implant the flame. Clarke explains the situation with ALIE to Roan, convincing him that she is willing to give him the Azgeda Commander he wants in order to get the information off the flame that they can use to defeat ALIE. Roan agrees to help.

Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Roan, Miller, and Bryan leave to go to Polis, taking with them the EMP equipment they'll use to de-chip Ontari. Raven, Monty, Jasper, and Harper remain behind, with Raven and Monty planning to access ALIE's code back at Arkadia, so they can input the killcode once they get it from the flame. As the group departs, ALIE appears, revealing that someone at Arkadia is chipped and that ALIE and her chipped soldiers know the plan -- Clarke and the others are walking into a trap.

Monty and Jasper make amends while searching for the motherboard Raven needs to re-access ALIE's code, with Jasper apologizing for his anger. ALIE appears, revealing Jasper is chipped, and instructs him to stop Monty and Raven from rebuilding the portal. Jasper stabs Monty but Monty escapes, wounded but still with the needed motherboard. He locks himself and Raven in the computer room, keeping Jasper out. They realize chipped Jasper cut off their radio access to the others; they can't warn Clarke and the others that ALIE knows what they're up to.

Roan leads a bound and gagged Clarke into Polis, with Bellamy and the rest of the group hidden and prepared to toss knock-out gas from Mount Weather at the chipped Polis people once they bring Ontari out. Bellamy instructs everyone to use non-lethal force on the chipped people; the only one they are there to kill is ALIE. Roan announces that he has the flame and Jaha appears to take it from him, refusing to bring Ontari out to get it.

Jaha reveals that they know Bellamy and the others are in the tunnel. Roan holds a knife to Clarke's throat, threatening to kill her and cut off ALIE's access to the flame. Bellamy and the others move to take everyone out from the tunnel but are overtaken themselves by the chipped soldiers. Roan releases Clarke, telling her to run, but he is shot by chipped Kane and taken away. Clarke is captured and brought to ALIE.

Monty bandages his stab wound as Raven rebuilds the portal to ALIE's code. Monty worries about Harper, who is outside with chipped Jasper, but Raven refuses to open the door, prioritizing the importance of regaining access to ALIE's code over Harper's life. Monty doesn't understand how that would be useful when the others are bound to be captured, the plan to get Ontari to access the kill code likely unsuccessful. Raven believes she can find the kill code and stop ALIE herself, without the help of Clarke or the flame. From outside, Jasper taunts them. Monty speaks to Jasper to distract him from looking for Harper as Jasper tries to convince them to let him in and accept the chip.

Jaha takes Clarke to her mother, having her restrained in a torture device. Abby tortures Clarke in order to get her to give them the passphrase for the flame. Clarke refuses to give up the phrase, submitting to painful torture. Abby reveals that Clarke's friends are her weakness and suggests they start with Bellamy.

In the tunnels, ALIE's chipped soldiers begin to bring Bellamy to Abby, Jaha, and Clarke. Murphy, Indra, and Pike appear, shooting the chipped soldiers and saving Bellamy. They release the group from their restraints. Octavia is disturbed that Indra is with Pike, revealing that Pike killed Lincoln. Murphy wants to leave but Bellamy explains that they must go to Clarke up in the tower and put an end to ALIE by finding Ontari and removing the chip from her.

Pike kills the chipped soldiers who lift the elevator, against Bellamy's wishes to use non-lethal force. Bellamy and Murphy prepare to go up to the tower. Octavia remains behind with Pike, Indra, Bryan, and Miller. Pike, Bryan, and Miller use the wheel to life the elevator.

In the elevator, Murphy reveals to Bellamy that he is there because he's trying to save someone he cares about (Emori). Downstairs, Kane arrives and shoots Pike and Bryan non-fatally, causing the elevator to stop when they stop turning the wheel. Indra knocks Kane out as other chipped soldiers swarm them. Miller runs to put an explosive device in the corridor to seal them off while in the elevator, Murphy and Bellamy fight off chipped soldiers. Bellamy is forced to shoot one of the chipped men in the head, as a badly-wounded Pike and Octavia get back to the wheel and lift the elevator.

In Arkadia, Jasper lists out all the names of their people who have died and how they died to taunt Raven and Monty. Raven successfully regains access to ALIE's code with her portal and Raven begins searching for the killswitch. Harper arrives at the door, wondering why it's locked, but is knocked out by Jasper. Jasper shows Monty his gun, offering to spare Harper if Raven and Monty destroy the machine used to access ALIE's code.

In the Polis tower, ALIE has Abby hang herself in an attempt to get Clarke to give up the passphrase for the flame. Contrary to what ALIE believed, Clarke refuses to break and allows Abby to hang, refusing to give up the phrase.

Pike and Octavia get the elevator to the top and begin to climb to the top after Murphy and Bellamy, leaving behind another explosive device to stop the chipped soldiers from following them up the tower. Kane awakens and Indra goes back to save Kane from the explosion.

Murphy and Bellamy make it to the throne room. Right before they enter the room, ALIE makes Jaha bludgeon Ontari because she cannot allow Clarke and the others to have Ontari. Bellamy and Murphy enter the room, Bellamy shoots Jaha, and Murphy cuts Abby down. Abby is saved but Ontari is braindead, unable to give them the killcode from the flame. Murphy realizes they are trapped in the tower.

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