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Part One: Noah

Noah is driving in the dark and swerves not to hit a girl. He wakes up. He's sleeping on his desk in front of his laptop. He goes to pee an the toilet falls apart in his hand. Things aren't idyllic, but drinking coffee out by a lake, it sure looks that way. He takes the train into the city, where his agent asks about changing the ending of his book away from the murder. Noah thinks it's too much. Harry thinks it's subtle.

After leaving, Noah runs into a friend who is sorry they haven't gotten together recently. He arrives at the townhouse to see the process of moving. Helen's mother is there, running the festivities. She's droll and rude, as usual, but it's hard to blame her. His stuff is in the basement, but most of it is being appraised. He wants to take stuff to live. She goes ballistic and as Noah threatens to push her down the stairs, his son peeps out of his room, complaining of a stomach ache. He can't go to the Yankees game tomorrow because he has a psychologist appointment tomorrow. Noah and Margaret ask each other how they can look at themselves in the mirror.

Outside, Noah runs into Trevor, who thinks he and Helen are going to work things out. Trevor is gutted. Noah cried as he explained that he fell in love with someone else and the way he loved Helen changed, but the way he loves Trevor will never change. Trevor doesn't want a new room and plowed Noah in the face, bloodying his nose.

Noah arrives at the mediator's office where the mediator is tickled to learn they're rookies. He's pleased they chose the human way to do it and thinks they should congratulate themselves on their choice. Literally. Noah wants nothing from the divorce proceedings except joint custody of the kids. Helen, on the other hand, laughs when profits are brought up in the context of his book. She laughs until she hears the advance is $400k.

It's not until they're out of the mediator's office that Helen asks Noah is still seeing Alison, telling him that's the only thing she wants, for Alison to have nothing to do with her kids. Yeah, well she might not get everything she wants. How did she not see how selfish he was all these years?

At the cabin, Alison is cooking dinner. Whether he's living as alone as he told the mediator is debatable. There are romantic lights on a patio, and while Noah had a terrible day, Alison had a good day. She's happy there. Fuck yeah, so is Noah. He asks her to dance. Later, Noah takes a chair out by the end of the dock with a beer and sits by the water. There's a storm coming.

In jail, Det. Jeffries brings Noah some coffee. Jeffries is worried about his bail hearing. The judge's wife was killed by a hit and run. He thinks Noah should take a plea, which would likely lead to a hefty fine and probation. They're trying to change the laws from mandatory two years to 15 for a fatal hit and run. Twenty five for vehiclular homicide if they can convince the jury he had motive. Noah wants a fucking lawyer.

Part Two: This is the first time Part Two comes with no specific character attached. That's certainly interesting. There is a naked ass, belonging to one friend Max. He's sleeping with Helen. It's her story. Max begins to fuck Helen, describing it the entire way, talking about her ass, her breasts and all that garbage. There is quite the full frontal of his naked body. He just bought the hotel. They're celebrating. Helen gets into the shower and sobs.

Outside, Helen fills an ecigarette with pot and gets high in a nearby park. She's on her way to the mediator's office. Of course, the setup is completely different than Noah actualized in his story. She recalls herself being friendly and the mediator being completely disinterested and texting while she waits. He's not at the head of the table, but on the side. He's not pleased she hasn't done her homework and gives a much less colorful idea of how the process works. Her first point was to ask that the kids maintain a relationship with their father and Noah get a place nearby. On what, the negative income made in her store? No, with help from her parents. Fuck them, Noah says, he's done taking help from her parents. His face squeezes into a maniacal look as he's saying it. She asks about Alison in front of a perturbed mediator, and Noah says he's not living with her.

Picking up her daughter from ballet, she hears someone gossiping about her and Noah. As if that's not bad enough, the woman follows her afterward and accosts her to ask if Helen knew, saw clues or if Helen had a sixth sense, a kind of aura. Helen admitted she should have paid more attention to the rainbow shooting out of his dick last summer.

At home, Trevor was crumpled up on the couch, crying. He wondered why daddy had to do it. Margaret and Whitney are arguing over college.

The food grandma made was inedible, but the kids aren't listening. She mentions Justin Bieber and their ears prick up. She finishes dinner and gets ready to go the event. When she arrives, she sees Max at her table, in Noah's chair. When she mentions Noah in conversation, her mother kicks her under the table. Max has had a thing for Helen since college. He takes her and Margaret home and kisses her passionately on the stoop. Once inside, Helen sits on the bed and thinks, looking at the empty space where the painting once was. There's a storm outside.

At the jail, Helen arrives with an attorney. John Gottlieve tells Noah to stop talking. Noah is shocked to see Helen, but seems happy to see her nonetheless. She's paying for he attorney that Noah can't afford. Noah's arraignment is in three hours. He thanks Helen and the credits go black.

The Affair
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It's fiction, Harry.


Margaret, my father painted this fucking painting. Now if you don't get out of my way, I swear to God I'll push you down that fucking flight of stairs behind you and I'll tell the coroner it was a fucking accident!