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Part One: Alison

Mr. Gutman is not up on his facts about Alison as he tries to deny her custody. He's supposed to be speaking on behalf of "his client," but instead sits at a table with Cole, using Luisa as a witness. Something is off here.

Luisa tells Mr. Gutman the relationship between Joanie and Alison is better and suggests perhaps it's time shared custody be an option on the table.

Cole is ready to make it happen. It's a done deal.

When Alison drops Joanie off with Luisa, she goes to visit Cole with coffee and a muffin. He's being persnickety.

But then again, he likes the muffin...and the coffee.

Cole is pissed that Alison saw Noah to get divorced, but Gutman said she had to get divorced in order to have a chance.

Alison gets a call from Dr. Perry. It sounds like it might be regarding a job.

Alison drives to Woodlawn. It's not about a job, it's about someone who has been through something similar to what she had been through. The girl lost her daughter, but has to go home because her parents can't afford to pay for it. Alison starts talking about Gabriel.

The girl had a daughter named Dawn, and her mother just wants her better, so she put all of Dawn's stuff into storage. Alison said it will take a long time to get better, and she'll never be the same.

She's spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to kill herself and make it look like an accident. She said, what did you do? Alison said she had an affair. She wouldn't recommend it because it didn't end well, but to do what she has to so she can keep on living.

Alison goes to the Lobster Roll and tells Cole what she did earlier in the day. Dr. Perry says she can turn her experience into a career.

Cole immediately wonders about Joanie and how she fits into a job in New Jersey.

She really thought he'd be happy for her and was genuinely confused that he wasn't. He just talked about it all being about Alison.

Alison goes into a bar for a stiff one, and is surprised by Helen. The shock on her face really can't convey the shock she must be feeling inside.

Helen tells Alison Noah is staying with her because her boyfriend can help with his neck. They salute to both being divorced.

Helen wonders who he was with Alison. When Alison starts replying, Helen laughs. The difference is palpable. Mature, intensely driven, intelligent.

Alison really apologizes to Helen. Helen says it's not her fault. Men need to feel important to stay in a relationship, but Helen stopped making Noah feel important years before he met Alison.

Alison almost told Helen about the night Scotty died, but Helen said they can't go back, so don't.

A policeman named Chris shows up at Alison's. They have a record of Cole going to New Jersey an hour before Noah was stabbed.

Part Two: Cole

Luisa wonders if she should have lied on the stand. They agree to settle.

Cole arrives at his house to find a "stop work" sign on it. Alison arrives with Donuts just afterward. He thinks she's there to talk about them. She assures him it's because today meant everything to her. She leaves the donuts and drives off.

There is a new building inspector. Cole needs a new survey, apparently. Cole tries to bribe him, mentioning taking care of their own. It doesn't work.

Cole arrives home to Luisa saying Joanie is happy about the news from court.

At that moment, Luisa wants to talk about starting a family. He tries to say he's exhausted, but doesn't share the whole story, so they're both disappointed.

Oscar shows up at Cole's place. Tim wants to make an example out of him, and working on the house isn't going to do anybody any favors.

Oscar wonders if the whole "I gotta get a roof on my house" bullshit is really about Alison. Is he fuckin' his ex-wife? You gotta love that Oscar became the voice of reason.

Cole gets off the phone with the inspectors and Alison arrives at The Lobster Roll about her job.

Cole goes home to talk about starting a family with Luisa.

A knock at the door and it's the cops. EZ Pass, photo, GW Bridge.

Alison goes to the jail. No, he wasn't anywhere near the guy. He went up to Woodlawn. He talked to Alison's doctor. Cole needed Alison's professional opinion about how she is. But Perry is a very ethical doctor and wouldn't tell her.

Cole admits to Alison he loves her. He never stopped and wants to stop hiding. She can't change who she is, either. She will always be impulsive and reckless, but she'll always love him.

Cole goes home, tells Luisa half truths and she wonders why he lied for so long about something so simple. Then she realizes he's still lying.

Cole can't sleep. He goes to Alison's. They finish their business.


The Affair
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Grieving Girl: What'd you do?
Alison: I had an affair. I wouldn't recommend it. It didn't turn out well.

Honestly, it seems a little fast to me. You haven't exactly been a model of consistency since you got back.