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Noah has on nice shoes. He's at Princeton with Anton.

He calls Cole and leaves a message about helping with Alison's arrangements. I wonder if they'll be friends for the rest of their lives.

Janel Moloney is someone Noah knew before and invites Noah to a seminar to give Anton a look at the school. The girls in the class think Noah is sliced bread. He was the inspiration for one guy to become a writer and a girl doesn't understand how he can possibly understand women in the way he wrote the characters in his first book, using as an example the line Alison's character said about feeling about a figment of other people's imaginations. Only we notice Noah blanch.

Cole asks Noah to give the eulogy at Alison's funeral and wonders what to say about her to Joanie. 

Noah feels emasculated by how prolific writing. She can't believe he and Helen broke up. They were campus celebrities. Noah is surprised how much Ariel remembers, and she admits a crush. He assures her she dodged a bullet.

When Ariel learns Noah's newest ex-wife just died, she's shocked he even came to Princeton. Noah doesn't know what to say. It gets worse when Anton reads the paper he wrote about Mr. Solloway being so great and leaned into his swagger and his whiteness and whether there's any difference between being white and being sociopathic. 

It was brilliant because Anton knew he was playing into the hands of the class. He can give to the people what they want. He thought Noah would be proud, and once Noah calmed down, he was. Anton also knew Noah sticking around just after Alison died was weird. He had to get out and grieve. 


Cole is in the shower, sitting on the floor, soaking in the steam. Luisa knocks on the door reminding him they don't need to be late. It's too easy for her to walk around the house acting normal when nothing is normal. As she stands in a black dress asking him to zip it, it's not the time to talk about unpacking. She says it's been two days. He says it's only been two days.

He needs time. Time to get dressed, bury Alizon. Alison's service isn't at the church, it's at the beach. Crazy Athena. It would have been difficult to tell Cole he couldn't drive, but Cole shouldn't have been driving.

Cole can't keep the annoyance off of his face during the beaching ceremony. I can't imagine a more terrible title for the ritual. As the ashes go around, they even pass through the hands of Ben. When they finally get to Cole, he sighs quietly, jumps up and runs. 

At the cemetery, he's panting and sweating when he plants the urn on top of Gabriel's grave. Noah finds him. 

They talk. Cole sleeps and dreams of the time he and Alison talked about how many times they had sex and she asked him only to hold her hand.

Cherry later brings him some chicken salad and a blanket. Cheery assures her son he's not like his father in that he can't survive this life. He can.

Cole is staying with Luisa. She'll become Joanie's legal guardian and a citizen. Joanie will need all the love she can get when they return from a little trip.


Vic has a terrible infection. He has very little time to live. Even with the most aggressive treatment, he'll live maybe nine months. Or maybe it will buy him nine months. He's being treated by his college girlfriend, Kristina.

Vic's parents are sure Kristina will fix all things. 

They won't fix Whitney who is surprising Helen when she gets home and only then learns Vic is dying. 

Sierra comes in at the same time as the monstrous conversation is starting to tell Helen she's pregnant by Vic and to see if Helen's been avoiding her after they had sex in the desert. At the hospital, it all comes out because Vic is septic and Helen doesn't have a pass and yeah, well, maybe Sierra loves Helen.

Noah joins Helen on the ground outside the hospital where she's smoking. He must have learned the good news.

Their conversation about fucking Sierra and the baby and whether loving Vic is enough because it's not the same as the way she loved Noah is realistic. It was much easier to love someone deeply when there was no baggage or defenses. 

Noah admits Alison's funeral was terrible and describes Cole on the run with the urn.

Helen returns to Vic who wants to live. She sends in Sierra to share her news and heads to the roof to look at the sunshine.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Luisa: Nice turnout, huh?
Cole: A fucking clown car.

Ariel: Wow. Noah and Helen. Requiescat in pace.
Noah: Yeah, thanks.
Ariel: I thought you guys were gonna last forever. You were campus celebrities.
Noah: Yeah, well... Plans change.