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Starting in Shanghai, China the final three teams learn their final destination city, San Francisco, CA with their very first clue.  All three teams depart from the mat very early in the morning and have to wait for a flight to depart from Shanghai for San Francisco.  Despite starting several hours behind Brent and Caite and Jet and Cord, Jordan uses the down time to slide in front of Jet and Cord while checking in to the flight.  This doesn't give them any advantage, but irks the cowboys. 

On the plane to San Francisco, Dan has a smart idea to sweet talk his way into first class so that he and Jordan can be the first ones off the plane.  His plan works perfectly and the brothers get a nice jump on their competitors en route to Battery Godfrey near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The clue the racers are given once they reach Battery Godfrey is a riddle in which the answer is their destination – Coit Tower.  Dan and Jordan literally run down a bike rider who sends them in the right direction.  Jet and Cord read about the tower on the flight to Shanghai and immediately knew where to send their cab drive.  Well behind the other two teams because their cab driver did not know where Battery Godfrey was, Brent and Caite try to make up time by having a hotel concierge look up the tower for them.

Once at the tower, the teams encounter a Roadblock for this leg of the race.  One teammate must use an ascender to scale the 120 foot high face of the tower to retrieve their clue.  Dan is the obvious choice for the brothers and he maintains the brother’s lead by scaling the tower before Cord starts the ascent.  Jet and Cord’s lead on Brent and Caite is even larger and the cowboys finish the Roadblock before Brent and Caite arrive.

After completing the Roadblock, teams are sent to find Yoda’s fountain at Lucasfilm Studios.  When the teams arrive at the studio, they have to navigate a virtual world with a searcher and a navigator.  The navigator can see where the searcher is moving through this virtual world and must direct the searcher where to walk because they can not see anything. 

For the brothers, Dan is selected as the director and Jordan the searcher.  The virtual world has two levels to it and Dan and Jordan are able to complete the first level by the time Jet and Cord arrive.  Cord is selected as the director while Jet searches and while he’s waiting for Jet to get his suit on, Cord yells out fake directions in attempt to throw Dan and Jordan off. 

When Jordan arrives at the finish, Dan is thrown off by a paragraph of words spinning in circles on his screen.  He eventually figures out that if Jordan spins with the worlds, he’s able to read and write down the paragraph which is the clue to their next destination.  Unfortunately for Jet and Cord, where Jordan is spinning is the space that Jet needs to be at to complete the first level.  Despite their run-in at the airport where Jordan cut in front of Jet, the cowboys decide to wait until Jordan moves out of their way to continue.

The brothers finish and head towards the next destination, the Tonga Room.  Jet and Cord get to the finish of the virtual world by the time Brent and Caite arrive, but it takes Cord quite a bit of time to realize that the spinning paragraph is easier to read if Jet spins with the words.  The delay allows Brent and Caite to catch up the teams leave Lucasfilm together.  Unfortunately for the dating couple, Caite forgets the team’s money and they have to return to the studios, falling behind for good.

At the Tonga Room, Dan and Jordan see the trunk that they supposed to take to their next destination and deduce that they need to go to the label on the crate: The Great American Music Hall.  The brothers set out on foot to the music hall and Jet and Cord arrive at the Tonga Room shortly thereafter.  With both teams moving on foot, Jet and Cord make up a little bit of time on the brothers by running with the heavy trunk while Dan and Jordan walk. 

At the music hall, teams are instructed to put the pictures of eliminated teams and non-elimination legs located in the trunk in the correct order before receiving their clue.  Jordan fortuitously wrote down the order of the eliminated teams and is able to arrange the pictures in the correct order on the first time.  Dan finishes off the final challenge by quickly solving the fill-in-the-blank on the clue and directs the brothers to the final pit stop, Candlestick Park.

Trailing the brothers and needing to make up time, the cowboys need a few tries at the picture order and fall further behind.  Although Dan and Jordan struggle to find a cab, they’ve built up a large enough lead to hold off the cowboys and win The Amazing Race.

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The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 12 Quotes

Fly to San Francisco, Cali-fricking-fornia!


I don't know which one I'm more excited for - being in the final three or heading back to the states.