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The final four teams began the eleventh leg of The Amazing Race knowing that by the day’s end, only three teams would remain to race for the one million dollar prize.  Jet and Cord kicked off the leg with instructions to find the Garden Bridge.  What they were not told was that most locals would not know the English translation of where they needed to go.  

Brent and Caite took advantage of the language barrier and found their way to the Garden Bridge before Jet and Cord despite starting after the cowboys.  Once at the Garden Bridge, the teams were instructed to find Longhua Temple, but they could not travel by taxi.  Just minutes apart, Brent and Caite take the bus to the temple and gain significant time on Jet and Cord who travel via the subway.  

At Longhua Temple, Brent and Caite are unable to capitalize on their lead on Jet and Cord as Caite struggled with the Detour.  For the detour, teams had to count the number of gold statues inside the temple to receive their next clue.  If the teams got the count incorrect, they had to wait ten minutes before trying again.  Caite fails on her first three tries counting the statues allowing Jet and Cord to catch up.  Jet gets the count correct on his first try and Caite finishes immediately after him.

Back at the start of the leg, Dan and Jordan have spent two hours trying to find their way to the Garden Bridge and decide to go work with Louie and Michael to figure out where the bridge is.  They know that the police officers have to complete a Speed Bump at some point so that if they stick with them they’ll automatically have an opportunity to get ahead.  

Michael borrows a local’s phone and calls a translation service and provides the Chinese translation to a taxi driver.  Attempting to follow Louie and Michael, Dan and Jordan continue to struggle with the language barrier, having a difficult time getting their cab driver to follow Louie and Michael’s cab.  When Dan and Jordan’s cab driver loses sight of the other, Dan has a panic attack that their race could be ending due to a cab driver.  Miraculously, they manage to catch up with Louie and Michael and arrive at the bridge at the same time.

Well ahead of the trailing two teams, Brent and Caite and Jet and Cord travel by motorcycle and side car to Yuyuan Gardens.  Once at their next destination, they encounter a Detour – Pork Chops or Pork Dumplings.  For Pork Chops teams search a store for a stamp with each team members name on it to receive their next clue.  In Pork Dumplings, teams have to deliver ten orders of dumplings through the crowded mall before receiving their next clue.

Both teams choose Pork Chops, with Jet and Cord slightly ahead by virtue of finding the clue box faster.  Even though they take time for Brent to have a bathroom break, Brent and Caite manage to find the stamps ahead of Jet and Cord.  Their lead is almost negligible, however, as Jet and Cord find theirs almost immediately after and the two teams are virtually tied heading to the pit stop.  While Jet and Cord arrive at the Riverside Promenade first, Brent and Caite find the mat before them and finish the leg in first.  

Way back at the Garden Bridge, Dan and Jordan and Louie and Michael continue to work together.  Arriving at the temple together, Louie and Michael are forced to complete the speed bump for finishing last in the previous leg.  The delay is not long, however, as they have to each throw a coin into a nearby incense burner before continuing to the roadblock.  Their real delay comes when Louie counts only the golden Buddha statues, not the golden statues and fails on his first attempt.  Dan does not miss the intricacy of the task and keeps him and Jordan ahead of the police officers.

At the Detour, again both teams choose Pork Chops, but Louie and Michael do not get lucky and can not make up the time Dan and Jordan have built on them.  Even another frustrating cab ride for the brothers does not do enough to save Louie and Michael from elimination.  Dan and Jordan finish third and move on with Brent and Caite and Jet and Cord to race for one million dollars in the finale.

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