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Only four teams remained on The Amazing Race heading into the tenth leg and no team wanted to be the final team eliminated.  Fortunately for Brook and Claire, all of the four remaining teams were on the same late night flight to Hong Kong, China which erased the close to nine hour lead Jill and Thomas had on the previous leg’s last place team. 

With the field leveled upon arriving in Hong Kong, the teams were instructed to take a bus and a ferry to Cheung Po Island to find the Cheung Po Tsai Cave for their next clue.  Nick and Vicki fell 30 minutes behind early in the leg because Vicki’s asthma prevented her from keeping up with the other en route to the first ferry. 

After finding the Cheung Po Tsai Cave, teams were sent back to the mainland to find the Majesty Chinese Restauarant and a Roadblock challenge.  The selected team member had to find one of five fake pieces of food from a lavish traditional Chinese buffet with the catch that if they selected a real piece of food, they had to eat it. 

Nat and Thomas ate plenty of food trying to find the faux piece, but managed to get out of the Roadblock before Claire who was having trouble keeping the food down.  Her struggles allowed Nick and Vicki to catch up, but the respite was only temporary as Vicki had as much difficulty with the challenge as Claire did.  Despite a trip the bathroom because of nausea, Claire still managed to keep her and Brook ahead of Nick and Vicki by finding a piece of fake food first. 

Finding the fake food sent the teams to a statue of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of the Stars and a Detour.  The teams had the choice between Ding Ding and Sampan.  For Ding Ding the teams rode a 100 year old train system and had to spot three signs which told them where the Pit Stop was.  In Sampan, teams picked up a cage of parakeets with a boat ID on them and delivered the birds to the boat with the matching ID. 

Jill and Thomas found the Detour shortly after Nat and Kat and decided to try the Ding Ding option.  After two trips through the busy streets, Jill and Thomas quickly switched to Sampan where they found Nat and Kat still searching for their boat.  Despite spending time at the other detour option, Jill and Thomas found their boat before Nat and Kat.  However, the doctors managed to get a cab faster than Jill and Thomas and made it to the Pit Stop in first place.

Despite struggling with the Sampan detour option, Brook and Claire managed to finish third staying ahead of Nick and Vicki who were still at the Roadblock dealing with the fake food.  Nick and Vicki’s troubles were not over after completing the Roadblock.  Selecting Sampan as well, the couple quickly got discouraged. 

Although Nick quit looking for the correct boat, Vicki wanted to continue.  However, Nick’s apathy convinced Vicki to take a six hour penalty for not completing the Detour and head to the Pit Stop.  Fortunately for the pair from Las Vegas, it was a non-elimination leg and they remain in the race. 

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The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 10 Quotes

Kat: I've been to Hong Kong before, I think Nat's gonna like it.
Nat: Am I going to be the tallest person there?

I'd be ok with not seeing any of the teams until we won the million dollars.